GoolRC VR HD01 FPV Goggles-Best RC Racing Drone Partner Flash Sale at $45.97


When you buy a high-end racing drone, you can’t experience its ultimate flight experience without a FPV goggles. So it is necessary to order a good FPV goggles. Right now there is a popular and affordable one, it is GoolRC VR HD01 FPV goggles. We may be familiar to the brand, GoolRC, which is the professional RC quadcopter one. So is it worthwhile to buy this GoolRC VR HD001?


GoolRC VR HD01 has 155 * 144 * 113mm / 6.1 * 5.6 * 4.4in dimensions, 295g weight without including the battery, in terms of its package, it has 516g weight, which can be as heavy as a 5 inch smartphone. When you order one, you will get a FPV goggles, a mushroom antenna, a panel antenna, a video input cable, a power input cable and user manual. It adopts white and black color. Besides, it comes with 4.3 inch screen with 480 * 272px resolution, offering sharp image and nice virtual experience. The duo antenna design will amplify circle engage best performance of RX and use two types of antennas (Omni/ Linear Polarized antennas) at the same time. Therefore, it is a light and high quality and durable FPV goggles.

Hardware and Features

GoolRC VR HD01 has 5.8G 40CH receiver with long receiving range, supporting 5645-5945MHz frequency, 500cd/m² high brightness for outdoor usage. Besides, it can support wide visible angle with 0/120 degree in horizontal and vertical level. It is like other VR headset which can support FOV, but it offers bigger screen than normal video goggles. It is built in 220mA@7.4V,  about 150mA@12V power consumption, you can use 2-3s  (7.4-11.1V) battery, it is 7-23V DC accepted, wide range power input.


Since you own this GoolRC VR HD01 FPV goggles, you will be impressive to enjoy good vision when your RC quadcopter flying,  It is compatible with Hubsan H501S H502S, JXD 509G, GoolRC T5G, JJR/C H8D, Furibee F90, QX95, QX90, Inductrix BLH85,  QAV250, QAV180, XK X252 etc. Do you think racing drone world is cool? Just catch one at $45.97.


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