Goral B07 1.0 inch Long Standby Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet review


The Goral B07 1.0 inch Smart Bracelet is a great opportunity for you to get a smartwatch for a very affordable price. It is a very good Heart Rate / Sleep Monitor / Blood Pressure Measurement device with a very large display, unlike other smart bracelets.


The Goral B07 1.0 inch SmartWatch comes in rectangular shape and is skin friendly with soft TPU Band and steel pin buckle which ensures comfortable wearing experience. The whole device is IP67-rated, which protects it from water splashes and dust. With this, it’s automatically safe from sweat and possible wearing it in the shower. It has a small touch sensitive button at the bottom of the display which enables you to move between the various stats the smartwatch is tracking. One feature that makes it stand out is the large 1.0 TFT  Touch Screen, which shows you high-resolution images.


The Goral B07 1.0 inch Smart Bracelet helps to real-time monitor your heart rate which tells you your heartbeat condition at any time. During aerobic exercise, your heart rate can be checked to examine if it’s beating normally or not. It is of importance to note that, it’s better to lose weight and improve cardiorespiratory capacity than otherwise. This  Goral B07 1.0 inch Smart Bracelet enables you to adjust the motion state of the heart scientifically and consume fat efficiently. This device manages your motion every moment and takes good care of you all day long.

One of the main purposes of a fitness smartwatch is to track various stats. The Goral B07 1.0 inch Smart Bracelet is a very good tracker which places it on par with other fitness trackers. This smartwatch permits one to get sports steps, distance covered, and calories data at any time, Thus, you can encourage yourself to engage in more exercise. It can also be used in the analysis sleep and it provides health advice like when you need to sleep, rest, exercise, get up and so on. The smartwatch also informs you when there is an incoming call and even in a noisy environment, you will still be alerted. If connected to your Phone, you can control Music from your Goral B07 1.0 inch Smart Bracelet and you can also take selfies using a touch on the screen of your tracker.

You can download the app “JYou” for this Fitness tracker from Play store or Apple store free of cost. The device support Android and iOS. Under the hood is a 100mAh with Standby Time: About 15 days and Working Time: About 5-7 days


The Goral B07 1.0 inch Smart Bracelet is currently avaialable on Banggood for just $19.99 and this price would be available for the first 100 pieces, so do well to get it while it last.


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