Grab Chuwi Tablet PC at Lowest Price From Chuwi Intelligent Store Germany Warehouse in 2 Days


Chuwi is one of most popular Chinese Tablet PC brands, we believe some users have used their tablet pcs, but if you still haven’t experienced one, here is your great chance now. Right now from Chuwi Intelligent Store, you can enjoy Chuwi spring flash sale at the lower price now, and it will be shipped directly from Chuwi official. Let’s see which models are in flash deal.

First, it is about Chuwi Hi Series in big sale section, you can see Chuwi HI12 with the keyboard enjoys the best price at $264.99, and you can get 5usd to save more, Chuwi HI10 Pro with the keyboard only sells at $194.99, Chuwi HI13, the latest and biggest 13.5 inch 3K screen tablet pc with the keyboard sells at $384.99. Chuwi HIBook PRO with the keyboard is at $214.99, and Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 with the keyboard at $254.99.

Second, it’s about their hot sale section, they have listed three models which are quite hot in their shop, they are Chuwi Lapbook 15.6, Chuwi HI10 Plus, and Chuwi HI10. We have made detailed review about Chuwi HI10 Plus which is quite good and powerful. Right now Chuwi HI10 Plus  only costs at $194.99, Chuwi HI10 at $164.99 and Chuwi Lapbook 15.6 at $244.99.

Therefore, they have prepared so many tablet pcs for your great choices. Which one is your best Chuwi Tablet PC. Please don’t forget they are in flash deal valid in 17 hours. And they all can ship from Germany Warehouse with faster shipping. Hurry up.


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