Grab in Flash Sales from US Warehouse the Elegant Elephone W2 Bluetooth Smart Watch


The Elephone W2 is a really elegant watch, with an analogue display which combines a few smart features like activity tracking and a three month battery life.

The Elephone W2 Smart Watch, for sure it won’t have big problems with battery, since many features that we meet at most of the smartwatches, here are missing. The W2 combines a traditional analogue display, with LEDs and sensors in order to provide some smart features. The LED’s show at which mode you’re in. There is also a set of 10 LED’s lower, down the face for displaying information.

The watch itself is really fantastic as design. Comes in two colours, Silver and a more bling-centric Gold.
The main body of the watch is made out of stainless steel and glass. The strap that features the watch is genuine leather. The strap looks to be of a really good quality, with the standard 22mm quick release design so you can change it easily.

On the watch, you will find two buttons, above and below, the traditional crown. Despite the fact that you can easily remove the back cover of the watch, in order to reach the battery in and change it, Elephone marks it as 30 meters waterproof. So I guess if you want to open this back lid, to be 100% sure that you closed it well, or your watch will become a beautiful pod! The display has no back light and only the watch hands are made out of ‘top-notch Swiss luminous material’ as Elephone marks, in order to light up in the dark.

The W2 doesn’t have much to say for what is running inside it, since all it has is a ‘Swiss Ronda Movement’. The only smart in this watch is for sure the BT4.0 that features, in order to connect it with your mobile. You will need first to download the app Elephone W2, from the playstore, before starting using the watch with your mobile. After that you synchronise the watch with your mobile and all the smart functions of the watch will reveal in front of you. The wearable can track activity, sleep, alert you to incoming calls, be used as a silent alarm and more.

Activity tracking is the main smart feature of the W2. Shows your progress based on how many LEDs light up – each one represents 10 percent and they light up from right to left oddly. This is all you will see from the watch. If you want more info, you must go to the app at the watch, where there is a detailed info about your activity.

You can also track your sleep. But to do so, you will have to switch manually between sleeping and exercise modes holding down the top button. Within the app you can choose which other smart functions you want to use. Call alert is for sure important, by flashing the bottom LED and vibrating the watch. You can also set for how long will alarm you. There are and some other smart modes which you can set from the mobile app, which need some improvement.

The battery that has the Elephone W2 can last for 3 years, if we use the watch as a normal everyday watch or 3 months if we have activated the smart features. This means there is no need to charge the mobile every other day. Of course don’t forget that W2 doesn’t have so many features to use this battery. After the three months, all you have to do is open the back lid, by removing four tiny screws and take the back off. It’s fiddly but not too much of a problem. Elephone kindly supplied the screwdriver and two spare batteries so you’re good for around nine months without need to pop down the shops.

The Elephone W2 Smart Watch for sure looks very elegant and of high class. On the other hand is not that smartwatch as one might think. Nevertheless, if you like it, Cafago has it in Flash Sales, so you can get it at a lower price from usually, so go over there now and grab it for 34.47$ at the US warehouse!


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