Grab in Flash Sales the Feilun FT009 – A High Speed RC Racing Boat that runs at 30km/h


Summer is around the corner and even from now at many places we have good and sunny days. It is time to get a boat and get out to the sea…alright not a real boat, but the Feilun FT009, a High Speed RC Racing Boat that runs at 30km/h!


The Feilun FT009 comes out in two colors, green and orange. The remote controller works at 2.4GHz for better guidance and the boat is made out of ABS. The maximum speed as mentioned at the beginning 30km/h and you can control it at a distance of 100-150 meters away from you. You can set the boat run in all directions and with  flip self-righting function. The dimensions of the boat are 465 x 120 x 110mm and weights only 610g


The Feilun FT009, except from running really fast with a speed up to 30km/h, uses a specially designed water cooling and self-righting system, in order to keep the boat safe and reliable. The outer design is really amazing and combined with the high speed that can reach we have a splendid combination of what we can find best!


The Feilun FT009 needs about 6 x AA batteries which are not included for the transmitter. The boat itself had a 7.4V 1500mAh LiPo battery. In order to get fully charged, you will need about 3 hours and after that you will be able to play with it for 5 – 6 mins.

Video Presentation


The Feilun FT009 is a super fast racing boat. Reaching the speed of 30km/h, you must be extra careful not to take a ticket!  😀 You will be able to find it at TomTop, at Flash Sales for only 46.99$!


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