Grab The 20W Laser Engraving Machine For Just $198.69 at TOMTOP with Duty-Free Shipping


Do you have an idea to DIY or buy an affordable fiber laser marking machine? Check out the 20W Laser Engraving Machine a High-Speed Mini Desktop Laser Engraver Printer. The 20W Master Laser CNC Cutter excels in fast cutting and can cut materials from 3mm to 8mm thickness. t can cut wood (3-8mm). Depth of engraving (0.5-3mm wood), the thickness of cutting(2mm). 4Pin laser design with temperature sensing and surge protection design can effectively extend the laser life.

Buy 20W Laser Engraving Machine from TOMTOP

20W Laser Engraving Machine has Multi-functional keys that can support offline work: press 1 time to reset automatically, press 2 times to perform frame positioning, press 3 times to start engraving, press 4 times to stop engraving. Engraving range: 150 * 150mm or 160mm x 160mm in GRBL mode , accuracy up to 0.075mm point distance, 2000*2000px ultra-clear printing effect.

20W Laser Engraving Machine Built-in gyroscope protection device. When the laser engraver machine is running, the built-in gyroscope will record the working position at the beginning. In the event of an accidental touch or machine shift, the machine will automatically stop working to prevent an accident.

20W Laser Engraving Machine Provide professionals with the ability to directly parse the works designed by Inkscape and CAD software, directly execute .nc files and .dxf files and execute them accurately. You can do the complex edits in PS / Inkscape / CAD or similar and just burn with the included program.

4A load current, capable of delivering powerful output power, 15,000 rpm fan and exquisite heatsink design. Can keep temperature safe control within 60 degrees Celsius, maximizing protection laser life. No matter how high-intensity you use, no matter how you work how long. Full-featured that directly execute.

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20W Laser Engraving Machine Support “neje scanner” app, intelligent collection and creation, photo scanning, intelligent algorithm automatic connection printing. Taking a JPG or PNG photo from a camera or album. And send the photo to the windows and MAC software directly. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $198.69 in Flash Sale with Duty-Free Shipping.

Buy 20W Laser Engraving Machine from TOMTOP


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