Grab The ALLCALL W2 Smartwatch Phone With 1.39 Inch Display 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 2MP Camera For Just $124.99(Coupon)


AllCall is constantly making it name well know by launching numerous no. of products. And now this time around after the successful hits of AllCall Rio smartphone, The company has decided to launch a new smartwatch which is not only good in functions but also excels in the price range and is much cheaper when compared with other smartwatches with same or less no. of functions. The AllCall W2 smartwatch is a completely considerable device as it can perform the features of a phone in the way of making calls and SMS and can even help running Android apps(as long as you are satisfied running the content on that small screen), It also a clock itself – as it will help you to show time for each purpose wherever you need it.

You can watch the review of this smartwatch from the video below

The AllCall W2 comes in a traditional classic design just like other watches which is Accompanied by Texturing and Laser threading, Which can be replaceable too. The AllCall W2 is made from high-quality stainless steel materials which are not found in many. The Watch is available in two Colors which you can purchase, this color includes the Black and Silver. The smartwatch is IP68 Waterproof certified that is meaning its Professional waterproof smartwatch 5m waterproof guaranteed. The Watch Face is round and gives a good suitable look to the wrist and is easy to slide around the UI.

One of the selling points of the smartwatch is the screen, as it comes with a super AMOLED 1.39 screen, Which is awesome to see and the colors are very vibrant too, Also the touch response is pretty good as well and in our time of testing it, We seem to find no issues regarding the touch sensitivity or the response rate.

AllCall W2 sports a MediaTek MT6580 processor which runs on four cores and is clocked at 1.3 GHz accompanied by a 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage that provides support for cellular tasks with ease like in 3G or 2G connection. The smartwatch as also support for Wi-Fi. The AllCall W2 works on Android Version 7.0, just like must entry-level smartphone Which gives full functionality of a smartphone. Giving access to browsing websites and watching videos. It also sports a 2.0MP HD camera which is convenient for you to keep every fleeting good memory even if you go for some special sports and you cant take your phone along, such as climbing, rock climbing, and swimming.

Just like a normal smart band, its sports some medical fitness features such as, Pedometer, Which can help you track your steps you walked in a meantime when you were wearing the AllCall W1, Also in our testing’s it turns out to be very accurate and can also calculate intermediate running. Heart rate measurement – Which can help you track your heart on the go. Also, you can see the demographics of your watch itself. But in the event, if you are not comfortable with seeing stats in your smartwatch AllCall W1

The AllCall W2 smartwatch can be purchased from COOLICOOL at a price of about $124.99 using the Coupon Code: X526. At this price, many people might consider buying a phone instead which can give a really more functionality and access to bigger screen, But if you already happen to have it, and you are looking for buying a new smartwatch to your wrists and don’t mind spending a little more bucks for an overall good companion, Then the AllCall W2 is definitely for you as it can perform good sets of features like- Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Notification Reminder and all that in a SUPER AMOLED screen.


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