Grab The INMOTION P1F Mini Folding Electric Bike For Just $629.99 at Gearbest in Flash Sale


INMOTION P1F is a hybrid design between a bicycle and an electric scooter that folds and fits into any car boot. The Inmotion P1F is the latest compact seated electric scooter with an extremely small form factor weighing only 14kg. The first electric bicycle that you can take with you everywhere you go. Our portable, lightweight design means you never have to worry about storing or getting stuck with an oversized bike. This funky little ride is every bit as fun as it looks and comes jam-packed with features that make it a practical solution for your commute or neighborhood getaway.

Buy INMOTION P1F Mini Folding Electric Bike at $629.99

Let your freedom free and move without limits through the city. Small size, speed up to 30km / h and elegance in driving. With only 12.5 kg, the E-bike is positioned as one of the lightest electric vehicles on the market. The Inmotion P1 electric bicycle will accompany you wherever you go without worries about space or volume. The superior version (P1F) has a range of up to 40km compared to 20km of the basic version.

Much more than lighting. Let yourself be surprised by the futuristic lights of the E-bike. The front and rear lights will guarantee safe night trips. Its power will give you great visibility to conquer any terrain, at any time and any place. For the most demanding users, the leather and soft foam seat of the Inmotion electric bicycle allows you to completely forget about driving on long journeys. Its ergonomic design is ideal for you to move with style through the city without worries.

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The Inmotion E-bike is equipped with a rear and front high-sensitivity disc braking system that will provide you with the security you need. Designed for you to enjoy an exciting driving experience in any situation. The Inmotion E-Bike P1F has been designed to last inside and out. She will undoubtedly become your best friend in the city. 350W brushless motor prepared to travel thousands of kilometers. Its 8.7Ah battery allows you to travel long distances (up to 35KM) without having to worry about recharging it. The mini E-Bike Inmotion P1F is extremely easy to use and can be handled by a wide variety of users.

The application designed for Android and iOS mobile devices is the ideal complement for a unique driving experience. It will allow you to track your trips, monitor the battery status of your vehicle, share your experience with friends and much more. In addition, the Inmotion E-bike P1 has a USB port so you can charge your mobile device.

Buy INMOTION P1F Mini Folding Electric Bike at $629.99

The INMOTION P1F electric bicycle is one of the best folding electric bicycles. The Inmotion E-Bike P1F electric bicycle is very light and extremely easy to handle an electric folding bicycle. You can grab it from Gearbest at $629.99 in Flash Sale


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