Grab The Magic-Ben MAG1 8.9″ Pocket Laptop (16G+512G) at $764.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


The Magic-Ben Mag1 is a fairly compact 8.9-inch Pocket Laptop. It weighs comparatively little and has a tiny touchpad. However, the resolution of the 8.9-inch display is unusually high. Also, connectors are abundant in size. In the online shop Geekbuying the so far only in China available Mini-Notebook Magic-Ben Mag1 can be preordered worldwide.

Buy Magic-Ben MAG1 8.9″ Pocket Laptop at Geekbuying

Magic-Ben Mag1 dimensions are 207.2 x 146.5 x 17.5 mm. It is also not heavy, because 0.69 kg cannot be considered too heavy. All he needs is electricity, even from a power bank. Its battery has a capacity of 8600 mAh and is enough for 7 hours. It may be a great proposition for someone who needs a really portable computer. The Mag1  Pocket Laptop sports an 8.9-inch touchscreen with a high resolution of 2560×1600 pixels, making it a great choice not only for everyday use but also for handling specialist workloads. It comes with fingerprint recognition for faster access, added security, and convenience.

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Intel Core-m may not be an extremely efficient processor, but for example for writing, browsing websites and multimedia or simple photo processing are enough. It is an ultra-low voltage unit (only Atoms are less power consuming) with two cores and four threads. Its clock speed is 1.1 GHz, but the turbo reaches 3.4 GHz. In addition, depending on the version 8 GB or 16 GB RAM and fast SSD M.2 NVMe 256 GB or 512 GB.

Of course, Magic-Ben Mag1 comes with WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4.0, two USB 3.0 ports (one standard A, the other C, which is also used for charging), micro HDMI, mini audio jack, microSD card reader, backlit keyboard, tiny touchpad. There was no webcam (maybe with such small frames it would be a problem), but there is a fingerprint reader.

This Magic-Ben Mag1 is a clamshell device with an 8.9-inch display. It’s not much bigger than a traditional tablet. You can find this amazing MAG1 – 8.9-inch Pocket Laptop (16G+512GB SSD) in the at $764.99 with an incredible discount by using Coupon Code: GKB507T.

Buy Magic-Ben MAG1 8.9″ Pocket Laptop at Geekbuying


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