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Outdoor activities are great to keep you both and healthy. A time out from your regular routine to engage in outdoor activities can refresh your mind and body. Some of the common outdoor activities including skateboarding, roller skating, golf, camping, cycling, and hunting. At outdoormaster, you can find a wide range of products for your favorite outdoor activity including camping products like Dry Bag OPAK, Swim Goggles, UPGRADED 20 PSI High-Pressure SUP Air Pump – The Shark II, Updated Pop Up Beach Tent XL, and a lot more with 10% off Coupon Code: igeekphone20 for sitewide from 1st June to 7th June (Can apply after discount).

About OutdoorMaster

We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts from New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. In January of 2010, we met each other while skiing in Les Deux Alpes, France. Our coach asked us, “How hard is it to feel real happiness in modern cities? Welcome to the Alps to have fun and enjoy yourself!”
We still keep in touch after the travel and often reflect our life: the more developed the technology, the lonelier we will be. These days, we spend most of the time immersed in network technology. Our senses are gradually numb in the high-speed modern society. We need to go more outdoor.
For this friendship, the love of outdoor and nature, we decided to explore the world by experiencing different outdoor sports. We surfed in Hawaii to overcome fear, dived in Palau to meet the beautiful Blu-ray world, ski in Denver to enjoy the speed, hiked in Nepal to challenge ourselves… 

Dry Bag OPAK

Dry Bag OPAK has High-frequency welding technology that ensures an unconditionally waterproof bag. Enjoy a safe, durable, and super waterproof lightweight dry bag. You get 2 free IPX8 compliant waterproof phone cases with detachable Floating Strap. Go swimming, kayaking, and more, and Keep Your Device Safe. Fits iPhone Plus phones. All sizes have an adjustable backpack style Shoulder Straps – additionally 10L/20L also have a Convenient side handle. The waterproof high-quality PVC material will not only keep your valuables dry & protected – you can easily locate and retrieve items due to the translucency of the bag.

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Swim Goggles

The new one-piece design of the OutdoorMaster Swim Goggles is more than enough to get into our list of recommendations. These swimming accessories offer swimmers with maximum comfort and an uninterrupted, 10-degree wide field of vision, all in its one-piece design. With its large soft silicone gasket, sitting on the outer orbital of the eye socket, the Outdoor Master swim mask is ultimately sealed once worn and doesn’t allow any water from getting into your eyes. This leak-proof design is a super feature geared towards the ultimate comfort of all users.

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SUP Air Pump – The Shark II

The one and only SUP Air Pump – The Shark II with the active cooling system up to 20PSI FOR 3 BOARDS IN A ROW – Enjoy a sleekly designed paddle board pump with fast, high-pressure inflation and consistent cooling system – Made to Share! SUP Air Pump – The Shark II has an automatic dual-stage pump: 1st stage for maximum speed at 350L/min and 2nd stage for maximum pressure at 70L/min. The auto-off function turns the pump off when target pressure is reached when inflating. When packing up the deflation function will make deflating quick and easy. Connects to your car’s 12V DC connector. Features a 12A fuse for increased safety. It comes with a full set of nozzles to fit most high-pressure inflatables including C7 & H3 valve. The SHARK has gone through rigorous testing and has CA65 and CE certifications. Durable quality and eco-friendly material offer a promising summer journey.

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Pop Up Beach Tent XL

Pop Up Beach Tent XL for the beach / Sun Shade for children and family. Super easy installation in a few seconds. No assembly required. UV protection SPF 50 + blocks 97.5% of UV rays. It also serves as a portable locker. The integrated lockable allows this tent to double as an outer locker room door. Fun for kids & to play in a great privacy display for adults. Manufactured from 3000mm waterproof nylon, this tent offers Wind Protection, Breeze & Rain Light. Perfect for camping lighter as well as sunny days on the beach. This tent comes with sticks/poles as well as large sandbags for easy holding of the tent no matter if you are on the beach or in the woods.

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