Grab The SAMEBIKE LO26 Folding Electric Bike For Just $819.59 at Gerbest (Flash Sale)


Perfect for commuting or off-road use. The SAMEBIKE LO26 folding electric bike comes with 3 modes including pedal, pedal-assist, and throttle. A full charge of the 48V 10AH battery gives users 35-45km (22-28 miles) in throttle mode and 45-100km (28-62 miles) in pedal-assist mode. Fold the aluminum frame and carry it conveniently wherever you go. Users can even charge their phones on the go. Place your phone on the stand attached to the handlebars (suitable for most smartphones) and plug into the USB 2.0 charging outlet.

Buy Samebike LO26 Foldable Electric Bike From Gearbest

The Samebike LO26 electric bicycle is equipped with wheels with inflatable tire for different terrains, in a 26-inch format. This is the same diameter as the wheels of the first ATVs. It is a foldable electric bike to occupy a footprint of 103 x 37 x 104 cm and facilitate, as far as possible, its transport. However, it will still carry a weight of 30 kg.

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Samebike LO26 Moped Electric Bike has 3 riding modes for your different needs. 10.4Ah Li-ion battery, 30km/h mileage in pure electric. Quick-folding in a portable size. Adjustable saddle and handlebar offer you comfortable riding experience. This is a more full-sized folding electric bike that features larger wheels and thicker tires to help smooth out bumpy terrain and a large gear set of 21 speeds so you can climb or maintain high speeds at a comfortable pedal cadence more easily.

With a full charge in 4 hours, a Li-ion battery of 10.4 Ah ensures up to 40 km of autonomy in pure electric mode and 70 km in moped mode, which is therefore relatively comfortable for journeys beyond the city. With a 350W engine, this electric bike can reach a top speed of 30 km/h. The braking system relies on disc brakes, and it has LED front lighting. With its aluminum alloy frame, it can support a payload of up to 150 kg.

I love that you get a lot of little extras here including disc brakes, semi-ergonomic grips, a gel saddle, an LED headlight, derailleur guard and an adjustable kickstand… even though the parts are more generic they add to the utility of the bike. The Samebike LO26 foldable electric bike is on sale at a price of $819.59 at GearBest in Flash Sale.

Buy Samebike LO26 Foldable Electric Bike From Gearbest


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