Grab The Wltoys XKS 144001 4WD Off-Road Drift RC Car For Just $69.99 at TOMTOP in Flash Sale


Wltoys XKS 144001 (EU) high-speed RC racing car has a top speed of 60 km / h and a control range of up to 100 m. It can adapt to a variety of terrains. It uses a large number of metal parts: metal chassis, metal shock absorber, metal butterfly panel, metal arm code, metal steering link, etc. The use of metal parts in key parts has considerably improved the resistance of the vehicle.

With the Wltoys XKS 144001, RC fun goes to a new level with higher speeds, innovative technology, and durability at a hobby level! Whether on the road or off-road, the slim chassis of the 144001 keeps the weight low and thus ensures razor-sharp handling and rapid speed.

The powerful 20000RPM 550 motor and the high-current electronic speed control (60 A) ensure lightning-fast acceleration and an incredible performance of over 50 km / h. Pull the trigger and Bandit rips massive rooster tails, soars over jumps and lays down the power for serious excitement at every turn. Step up to genuine XKS quality and performance and discover a whole new level of fun with the XKS!

Specially use hardware oil pressure shock absorber, much accurate and precise to perfectly absorb shock. Fast, affordable fun, excitement in water, mud, and snow! Use super strong power 20000RPM 550 motor, 60A Electronic Speed Control, electric energy converted into power maximized, 4 wheels drive for a racing car can provide strong power torque significantly make the car easy to complete difficult moves. Born to be champion.

Wltoys XKS 144001 (EU) has an Independent four-wheel shock absorber system, oil pressure damping support, possibility of adding damping oil to shock absorbers to increase damping, effectively reduce vibration when driving at high speed, make driving smooth, overcome obstacles, and adaptable to multiple terrains. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $75.99 from China Warehouse and From EU Warehouse at $69.99


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