Grab The Xiaomi FIMI A3 RC Drone with Camera 3-axis Gimbal For Just $279.99 at TOMTOP from EU Warehouse


The Xiaomi FIMI A3 is a really good beginner-friendly drone that comes with many good features including an HD 1080p camera that capable of recording in 25fps or 30fps. It has a1/3.2” CMOS sensor that can shoot in 8 megapixels and for superior quality aerial images. the camera is stabilized by a 2-axis mechanical gimbal as well as a 3-axis electronic gimbal that will minimize any distortion and jello effect from your images and video footage. It has several intelligent flight modes, comes with dual GPS modules and has a flight time of 20 minutes.

Buy Xiaomi FIMI A3 RC Drone from TOMTOP

The new Xiaomi FIMI A3 drone comes equipped with GPS-GLONASS and the 3rd generation flight control with the Cortex M7 chip, which offers a flight with greater control of your movements. A unique experience, thanks to its gimbal or stabilization and GPS-assisted flight for a precise position and FPV control at a distance of up to 1000 meters. Take your drone anywhere, fly, have fun and get images you couldn’t have from the ground. Starting to fly will only take a few seconds, as the handling of this drone is very simple and it can work quickly.

It includes a 4.3-inch LCD display controller and 5.8G connection so you can follow your journey in person, both to enjoy the images in real-time and to see what you’re recording. Thanks to the included display, there is no need to install any app or sync with any device. Turn it on and start flying. With easy operation from its very intuitive control. The remote includes a connection for other types of devices, such as an additional monitor or drone goggles, so you can further increase your chances of enjoying your flight.

One of the great features of this FIMI drone is its incredible flight duration. With a battery of 2000mAh, Xiaomi FIMI A3 is able to fly up to 25 minutes. Forget about flights of less than 10 minutes that don’t give you time to either take control or start enjoying them. This drone flies a lot longer, so you are assured great moments of fun with a bird’s eye view that will improve the aesthetics of your videos from now on. You can easily charge it by plugging it into its USB port and start over.

And since we know that one of the things you want is the quality of your videos, Xiaomi FIMI A3 comes equipped with a 3-axis EIS stabilizer to give you a stable flight, without vibrations or tremors, which give your recordings the quality of big blockbusters. It is able to record in 1080p quality with a wide-angle that gives you a wider view without distorting the image. But not only the 3-axis mechanical stabilizer but Xiaomi FIMI also comes with 2 mechanical axes that make your recordings more stable and with smooth movements: the Ambarella ISP processor and the Sony CMOS sensor with excellent image quality.

Its functions include tracking, turning, headless mode and return home button. All of these features make the user experience easier to further improve the way you use it. Use tracking for tracking plans or return home mode so you don’t lose it when the battery is running low. In addition to its flight modes also has different security systems such as flight restriction in unavailable areas, and then returning home in case of low battery or if the GPS signal is lost. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $279.99 and Delivered from EU Warehouse

Buy Xiaomi FIMI A3 RC Drone from TOMTOP


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