Grab Tomshine 2 Pack Solar Lantern for 50% Off


Walmart has placed the Tomshine 2 Pack Solar Lantern for a coupon price of $ 35.99. Although this offer started on the 23rd of this month and will still end on the 31st of this same month. So, all interested buyers needs seize this opportunity before it comes to an end.

Tomshine is one of the known manufacturers of exquisite solar lanterns with long term usage time. As a preferred choice of decoration light, the 2 Pack Solar Lantern is made from iron material which makes the lantern durable and ready to last long. One of the things that draws more attention to this lamp is the build pattern and lighting design.

The Tomshine 2 Pack Solar Lantern can be widely used in different occasions, including cafe, patio, yard, park, pathway, garden, etc. Each of the lantern consist of 1 NI-MH rechargeable battery that takes up to 6 hours charging time with direct sunlight. This product can be used for 8 to 10 solid hours before recharging.

This product can be placed anywhere of your choice and it will still that outstanding beauty of that particular surrounding. It can be placed on a plane ground, hanged on a tree, posts for decoration and lot more mounting positions. Tomshine Pack Solar Lantern features the IP44 water resistant technology as one of its top specs.

Where To Buy:

The Tomshine 2 Pack Solar Lantern is currently available for a discount price of $ 35.99 on Walmart.


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