Grab The Beamday T1 350lm Multifunctional Camping Light For just $9.99 until April 15th and at $19.99 in Flash Sale


Summer on our neck, if ever, it is worth taking a camping light now. Beamday T1 camping light offers all that you ask for a light to do in the wildness, helping you to cope with the complete darkness at night, the unpredictable weather, rugged roads, fierce beasts… 350lm lumens, T1 is brighter than any other LED lanterns to illuminate 25m wide range. Stepless dimming provides you with total control of the brightness.

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Buy Beamday T1 350lm Multifunctional Camping Light at $9.99

The Beamday T1 size is only 5.58 x 5.58 x 9.30 cm and its weight is 180 g, so it’s really portable, even hanging on a backpack. In fact, the soles are magnetic, so they can be placed on metal surfaces with a rechargeable 2600 mAh battery. After 3.5 hours of charging, it can operate at full brightness, ie 350 lumens for 3 hours, at 250 lm for 3.5 hours. The manufacturer has given the data for the 3 lumens, that is just the lighting time, which is 450 hours, but it is suspicious that I will not use it.

The warm white night makes you feel warmer, see more clearly in the fog at dawn. Does campfire create a shelter or disaster around the tent? Experienced adventurers/hunters use the red light in the darkness as most nocturnal animals are blind to red. Should your car break down, SOS mode comes in handy.

The lamp also has several useful features. This is the first small size mentioned, that is, it does not occupy too much space from scarce motor options. The second is that it is touch-sensitive to control, you don’t have to press a switch to turn it on and off, and you can adjust the brightness in this way steplessly. The video below is pretty much all about!

Its light can be controlled, which can be between 3 and 350lm for white light (cooler light) and 1 to 250lm for warm light. It has a special red-light mode that helps keep your eyesight in the dark and helps you hide from most of the “night animals” and is less prominent (because they don’t detect red light). Adjustable with the button on the top of the light. It is charged via micro USB with any adapter (eg mobile phone).

As you can see from the video above, Beamday T1 is a not too big, cylindrical thing that can be hanged or just put on somewhere. You can buy from Gearbest at $9.99 by using Coupon Code: BDSFTLT1, 5 units in one week! from April 8th 0:00 April 15th 24:00 (UTC+8 Beijing Time) and you can but at $19.99 in Flash sale

Coupon Code: BDSFTLT1

Buy Beamday T1 350lm Multifunctional Camping Light at $9.99


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