Guide: Amazfit GTR 47mm Global Edition – How to have Unicode notifications in your smartwatch


Amazfit GTR 47mm is a really very good watch. I have it for a month now and I must say I have loved it! The AMOLED screen that has the smartwatch, the big battery that can last up to 21 days and of course all these watchfaces that can be found on the internet or as I have showed you, to make them yourself! A really very good smartwatch, but with one big problem….it didn’t support Unicode notifications, up to two days before, but unfortunately not for all!

Why you need notifications in Unicode? You need a Unicode font to show correctly a notification because many alphabets need this kind of font. Unicode is a universal character encoding standard that defines the basis for processing, storage and interchange of text data in any language. Think of Unicode as a single, giant code page, designed to represent every character in every language in the world. One of these alphabets is and the Greek and I’m sure and many more, like Russian for example. The day before, the owners of the Amazfit GTR 47mm Global Edition, a small number of them, got an update that included a new font, a unicode font that could show notifications in Greek. Unfortunately, a big number of us didn’t get this Unicode font, despite the fact that we got the update. So why there was this difference? Because of the different font that the two versions have!

At this image you can see the firmware of the Amazfit GTR 47mm Global Edition. If you look carefully, you will see that this is a future to come firmware and normally is only for BETA testers, not ordinary users. You can also notice that there are two versions of fonts for the same firmware. The one, the FONT 9, doesn’t contain Unicode font, when the FONT 11 contains. And with the Font 11 you can see notifications at least in Greek and I’m sure and other languages that use Unicode font, correctly!

Attention: I will not be responsible for any damage that you may cause to your Amazfit GTR 47 mm by installing the following files. I have tested them in my personal GTR 47mm, so is sure that it works. You do it by your own free will and you are fully responsible for any damage that might happen during the procedure!


You must install two programs from Google Playstore and install the three files I give you with the order I tell you, no how you like it in order to install everything correctly and the trick works!

Amazfit Amazfit
Notify & Fitness for Amazfit Notify & Fitness for Amazfit
1) Firmware for Global Amazfit GTR 47mm *.fw Notify & Fitness for Amazfit
2) Firmware for Global Amazfit GTR 47mm *.res Notify & Fitness for Amazfit
3) Firmware for Global Amazfit GTR 47mm *.ft Notify & Fitness for Amazfit


The whole procedure is very easy. Install the two apps and download the three files to a folder at your mobile. Run Amazfit and Notify to synchronize. After that you start installing the file one by one, without returning back to Amazfit. From where at Notify…check the images and the numbers below.

You install from the files, first the *.fw, after the *.res and in the end *.ft!


After installing all thre files, your watch will have the new firmware and you will be able to see notifications with Unicode fonts. But…. if you connect it to Amazfit will start to install the old firmware again! Don’t worry…let it install the old firmware. You will see that the Amazfit will install ONLY two files and not three, by leaving the font as 11. By this way you can have now with the stable firmware, notifications in Unicode.

You can see the whole procedure in the video below. The sound is in Greek, but you will understand the whole idea what is happening.

Where To Buy The Amazing smartwatch

The AMAZFIT GTR 47mm Smart Watch Titanium Edition is currently available on Gearbest for $199.99 while the AMAZFIT GTR 42mm Smart Watch Glitter Edition Zirconia from Swarovski is available for $169.99


Update on August 5, 2020

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