Guide: Amazfit GTR 47mm – How to make your own watchfaces-dials and modify/translate them


Amazfit GTR 47mm is the latest creation form Xiaomi and Huami, while waiting for Amazfit Stratos 3 to come out. The GTR 47mm is a really very beautiful smartwatch that many people choose it for two main abilities…the 24 days battery that has and the AMOLED display. One of the things I like are the many watchfaces that you can find around and use. But how to make your own, to use for example your own image or your family or your beloved! How can you do it. Watch the review that I have for you and the video at the end of the article to see how you can make your own watchfaces – dials and modify the ready or even translate them!

How to make your own watchface

I start with a watchface I made in no time with me and my wife. I guess you would like to make something similar. For making your custom watchfaces, you will need a Amazfit GTR 47mm of course (if you don’t have, you can use the coupon for it from Banggood to get it with PDM) and two apps.

First get the Amazfit GTR 47mm, using the coupon BGGR256 from a browser to get it for only 138$ or 125€ from Banggood

Notify & Fitness for Amazfit

Custom Dial 3.0.3


You download both app to your mobile and install them. You must run first the Custom Dial 3.0.3. This is a chinese app, where you can find it normally here if your chinese are good. If you don’t know….then use my link above to download it. What you will do, you can see it in the video following. The app will halp you make your own watchface. Have a quick look what you must do…


How to modify / translate a watchface

As I told you, there are a lot of custom watchfaces which are very beautiful and very practical. The problem is that you might find them not in your language. If you search for watchfaces, many you can find at How can you modify them or the custom watchface you made… You will have to go to this page: WEB pack/unpack .bin watchface. The page is in chinese, but you can see at the video what exactly to do. You upload the .bin file at the page and is converted to zip. Then you unzip it and inside you will find a big list of images and three text files. You will modify only the images, which is very easy. Check here my attempts to make the watchfaces Greek

In the second one, where the image is more clear, the day is in Greek. Originally was in russian. You can very easily do the same thing!

Check now the video that I have for you.

Don’t forget that you can now get Amazfit GTR 47mm with Priority Direct Mail, from Banggood for 125€, as long if you use the coupon BGGR256 from a browser.

If you want to see what else you must get to your Amazfit GTR 47mm, check the following list. These are thing that I have bought for my Amazfit GTR 47mm!

Product Price Link
Full Coverage Explosion-proof TPU Screen Protector Film For Huami Amazfit GTR 47MM – Transparent 2.99$
Protective Hard Cover Case For Xiaomi HUAMI AMAZFIT GTR Smart Sports Watch 47MM – Black 3.99$
Replacement Strap For Huami Amazfit GTR 47MM Three Beads Solid Steel Belt Buckle Version – Silver 6.99$
Universal Magnetic Charger Bracket Base for Huami Amazfit GTR 42mm (1909) 47mm (1901) Charger Dock Stand Holder Accessories 8.55$


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