Happyrun HR365MAX Review – 10-Inch Electric Scooter at €229.99 From CAFAGO


If you are looking for an Electric Scooter to be used mainly in the city, which is fast, light, with excellent performance and perhaps at low cost, perhaps the new Happyrun HR365MAX is the right choice for you, the electric scooter will provide you with a convenient and efficient journey for work or school, no more crowded bus or subway.


Happyrun HR365MAX E-scooter comes with an IP54 waterproof grade design; which you don’t have to worry about even if water is splashed on the scooter body. And we assured the quality of our products within one year as long as it is not damaged by man or external forces and used obeying the instruction; but only if you provide us with videos. The design is very accurate and modern, without too many LEDs to make it a “toy”, the 10-inch honeycomb wheel with internal GEL is beautiful, to better cushion our “unfortunately” common holes in the road surface. It only weighs 12.8KG, which can be portable for adults or youth, even women carry it conveniently with one hand for moving. The dimension after folded is 109*43*50cm, easily please it in a car boot or under the seat of the subway, and also perfect for short commutes or city sports.

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Happyrun HR365MAX E-scooter comes with Bluetooth for use with mobile phones; which you can select your personal preferred speed mode, check if the battery is enough. Locking the scooter remotely reduces the trouble of carrying a lock with you; which makes you commute or city sport more at ease. The Bluetooth connection is available at a range of approximately 10 meters. This electric scooter is 2021 upgrade edition has excellent driving performance; can drive range 35KM farthest when it is a full charger; which is 5km to 10km more than other adult scooters. The E-scooter also has 3-speed gears adjustable; the one gear speed range is 0-10km/h, the second gear is 10-20km/h; the third gear is 20-25km/h. The E-scooter fits out 350W motor to ensure powerful drive and run further; is also equipped with 10 Inches non-slip honeycomb tires that have the effect of shock absorption and wear-resisting; and easily passes small obstacles on the roadside or dirt roads.


The Happyrun HR365MAX is an electric scooter, which is currently available on offer from CAFAGO at €229.99, the well-known store with which we work and trust it completely. It comes from a German warehouse so you do not have to pay customs. This is an electric scooter that has a range of 35 kilometers per full charge. It is small, easy to carry and is generally a reliable travel proposal.


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