Have You Found High-end Tablet PCs Starts to Use 3:2 Aspect Ratio


Tablet PC has also changed so fast like smartphones. Manufacturers have made big improvements in its design, hardware, software, etc. Because more and more tablet pcs have similar specs, we seems to be confused about which one to choose in terms of performance. However, have you found there are more high-end tablet pc which starts to use 3:2 aspect ratio in its screen instead of 16:9 and 4:3 ratio?

Currently Surface Pro and Huawei Matebook X have also used this kind of aspect ratio, and Chuwi HI10 Plus and Chuwi HI12 released before also adopted it. So what’s main difference from 16:9, 4:3 and 3:2 in tablet aspect ratio. Check the simple image below, you will find 3:2 aspect ratio will bring best portrait mode and landscape mode. So 3:2 will make best visual effect in tablet pc.

A tablet pc under 3:2 aspect ratio will also not only bring you entertainment but also more efficient office work. Here are some affordable and competitive 3:2 aspect ratio devices from Chuwi you can have a try. Of course, you can check here to know all 3:2 aspect ratio devices from their official site.

For example, Chuwi HI10 Plus is the latest 10.8 inch FHD tablet pc at $179, Chuwi HI12 with 12 inch 2K retina display and full-size USB ports at $239. Chuwi Surbook is crowdfunding on Indiegogo now at $299. Chuwi HI13 is the first 13.5 inch 3K screen tablet pc at $349,

In all, have you experienced 3:2 aspect ratio tablet pcs before? In order to enjoy better visual experience, it is worthwhile to try those with 3:2 aspect ratio and more competitive price and performance tablet pcs.


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