Have you seen the multitasking skills of the Vernee Apollo Lite?


Lately the majority of mobile manufactures are equipping their mobiles with a powerful deca-core processors, like Helio X20 found in Meizu MX6,  revealed only a few days ago. The good thing is that the X20 is bringing not just sheer power to the mobile, Vernee Apollo lite, but also very good multitasking abilities to use.


In order to be able to do this thing, you must divide the tasks among the cores accordingly, so the simple tasks like voice calls, sms or using a calculator that are not using all cores at max, could run in a multitaksing way. The mobile can turn off the unused and not needed ones fully, so it can become more power efficient and decrease the power consumption by 30%.


From what we know, Vernee Apollo Lite has the Helio X20 and Apollo the Helio X25. These two SoCs, come with astonishing operating smoothness. Vernee official released a video showing how smooth and fast the Apollo Lite runs with more than 20 apps at the same time! Except from the fact of the instant app-changing, the selected app comes in the foreground ready to use without any reloading, something that many times we have seen it in flaghips. From what we see, Vernee has done a great job.

Vernee official is giving a chance to its customers to buy Apollo Lite at only $199.99 at 10:00AM UTC every Friday in July. More details can be found here.


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