Mifa A90 60W Bluetooth Speaker Offered at $71.94


The Mifa A90 Speaker is a compact and portable yet powerful 60W Bluetooth speaker. It is solidly built and is also waterproof, so it can be safely taken on outdoor activities, either on the beach or by the pool. It also withstands snow. It has RGB light that can flash to the music, change slowly or turn off. It also comes with a hard-case carrying case and strap that can be attached to the speaker itself.

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Every time MIFA introduces and produces a new generation of its products, its beauty is added. The MIFA A90 Party Bluetooth speaker has a very beautiful design in terms of appearance and with its professional and impressive design, it attracts everyone’s attention. In designing the MIFA A90 Party Bluetooth speaker, the beauty and strength of the body are combined, which combines these two features to create an impressive and sturdy product. So that this speaker shows good resistance even against hard blows and heavy pressures. Also, on both sides of the body of this speaker, very soft silicones are used, which protects it against very strong shocks. This powerful and high-quality speaker has an eye-catching design of the MIFA brand on its body, which in addition to beauty, is a symbol. It is a well-known brand.

Sound Quality

MIFA engineers have made great efforts in the design and production of this product to bring a professional, clear, and clear sound to your ears. This professional and professional Bluetooth speaker has excellent sound quality and broadcasts the sound in all frequencies and basses in completely high quality and clear way. MIFA company has provided sound support for this product in a wide frequency range to help Speakers Experience hearing clear and distinct sounds.

The MIFA A90 Party Bluetooth speaker with sound frequency response support in the range of 60 Hz up to 18,000 Hz plays the sound in a very clear, pleasant, and high quality, and with the powerful display of sound in the bass range, it has become one of the best choices in its price range. Also, this product with an output power of 30 watts emits sound with excellent resolution and without noise. In the MIFA A90 Party Bluetooth speaker, the sound is thrown at a 360-degree angle, which is a very wide and excellent sound playback range, and it is great for a speaker with these features.


The connection of this product is wireless so that you can easily connect to this speaker and listen to your favorite music wirelessly. The MIFA A90 Party Bluetooth speaker uses the best version of Bluetooth, the version (Bluetooth 5.0), which allows you to connect to the speaker wirelessly. You can easily and quickly connect to a wide range of different devices via Bluetooth. You can connect to all devices with Bluetooth, such as Android and Apple mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. to this speaker And use it.


The power required for this excellent and powerful speaker is supplied by a rechargeable internal battery. This battery is made of lithium and has a high capacity of 8000 mAh, which makes this product superior to other MIFA products. This battery can play music continuously for several hours with each full charge. The high capacity of this battery is a very important feature for more playing time for people who are traveling and traveling. It takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery of this speaker through the USB charging port on the body of the MIFA A90 Party Bluetooth speaker. You can easily charge your speaker by directly connecting the USB charger cable in the product box to the mains and the USB charging port on the body.

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