HAYLOU W1 TWS Earphones With QCC3040 at Just $39.78


Haylou W1 Earphone is ergonomically designed and comfortable to adapt to provide a more comfortable wearing experience. Dual Haylou W1 Knowles balanced armature drivers preserve the rich detail of the high notes for the main melody for an immersive listening experience. The aptX adaptive codec can automatically adjust performance according to different scenes, providing smoother music and more dynamic gaming.

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Not only for everyday use but also the Hilo W1 Bluetooth Handsfree is designed for a wide range of users. Hilo has a lot of flexibility and is popular with the audience with a set of reasonable and appropriate facilities. This handsfree is In-ear type. That is, due to its special ergonomics and silicone rings, it is completely inserted into the ear canal. The 3.9-gram airbags have a stem at the end and are equipped with a touch panel. The mold material in the body structure of the Hilo W1 Bluetooth handsfree is the same as the usual ABS plastic material (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which can provide high strength and low weight for the device at the same time.

As usual, there is no “charge box” in the package of this product, and Xiaomi Haylou W1 Bluetooth headphones come with a charging case. The charging case is designed with the same ABS material with disc-shaped anatomy and the lid opens and closes magnetically. The three LED indicators on the door have no function other than the remaining charge in the charge box.


The Haylou W1 is as stable as the Xiaomi headsets, making it easy for users to operate, seamlessly switching between mono and stereo modes thanks to the Qualcomm QCC3040 processor chip and the most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology. This combination also provides stability when pairing with devices, saving power up to 40% compared to previous generations using Bluetooth 5.0.

Sound Quality

The Haylou W1 True Wireless Bluetooth headset is equipped with HD audio codecs including aptX, aptX-adaptive, AAC, and SBC, which processes the peak sound balance between bass, high and treble, thereby creating a detailed, realistic sound range. Knowles’ dual equalizer drivers are used by the manufacturer to help perfect the melodies in the high notes, and reduce the distortion of the sound, giving the user an impressive, vivid sound.


The 32-mAh battery of the Hilo W1 wireless headset enters the charging process after being placed inside the 310 mAh charging box. This process takes two hours, and if the case is also discharged, it will be fully charged after two hours via the USB-C port. Not bad to know, that these Haylou W1 TWS Headsets are IPX4 certified and will not be damaged by water spray or ear sweat. So it would be a good option for athletes who have been challenged in this regard.

4 Microphones

Haylou W1 headset is integrated with two microphones on each ear and comes with modern cVc8.0 digital signal processing algorithms, active noise cancellation, and environmental noise cancellation. Therefore, users can comfortably talk with clear and stable sound quality, the recorded voice is transmitted to the other end of the line.

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Where To Buy

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