HAYLOU X1 TWS Earphones Offered Now at $44.01


She goes in so much and so much, Haylou surprises her fans with headphones out of the ordinary. If the brand is known for something, it is for launching low-budget TWS headphones. However, this time it seeks to surprise the most audiophiles with the new Haylou X1 Earphones.

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The HAYLOU X1 is made of black plastic, although depending on how the light hits them, they acquire a very nice gray touch. The plastic used has a frosted finish that is very nice to look at and has a good texture to the touch. In addition, it does not stain with the grease of the fingers. Its design is very clean since we will only find the brand logo on the side of the temple.

The HAYLOU X1 is quite light, each earphone weighs 4.5 grams, and its ergonomic shape fits my ear perfectly. As for the part of the ear, the orientation of the tip is perfect so that it gets a little into the ear, not too much, achieving a very good passive seal without the need to get a lot into the ear, something that can overwhelm many.


The Haylou X1 mounts a dynamic driver with a high-performance biological diaphragm acoustically tuned by professionals to offer a listening experience with a rich and pure sound. The basses are somewhat raised and take center stage in many songs. They sound powerful and kicky. The definition is limited, but something to be expected in this price range. They also have a very good sound to watch movies or series. The separation of instruments and the soundstage are quite limited, but it is something to be expected from TWS earphones at this price.

ANC Performance

The ANC performance is quite good and manages to reduce low-frequency noise such as computer fan noise or traffic noise. It’s not as effective on higher-pitched sounds like voices, footsteps, or typing, however, it also doesn’t have a sibilant effect so the overall result is excellent for this price range.


Each earphone has an internal 45mAh battery with which we can enjoy the autonomy of about 6 hours with the ANC off and about 5 hours with the ANC on. The box has an internal 600 mAh battery that allows us to charge the headphones about 4 times, so the total autonomy is around 30 hours with the ANC off and about 20 hours with the ANC on. The headphones are charged by putting them in the box for an hour and a half and the box itself is charged in about 3 hours via the USB-C connection on the back or via Qi wireless charging. Few TWS headphones at this price have wireless charging


In normal mode, the latency is quite contained and I can watch Netflix, YouTube, and even Twitch without noticing lag. Of course, when playing fast games like shooters, there is a slight delay between the image and the sound. To solve it, we can make 3 touches on the right earphone, we will activate the gaming mode that reduces latency even more so that we can play perfectly.

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Where To Buy

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