HB-P1802 2.4GHz 4WD 1/18 Scale Rock Crawler RC Car Design, Feature Review (Coupon Inside)


If you love horsepower and extreme terrain, then this cool rock climber has been invented for you. This HB-P1802 remote-controlled off-road vehicle is sure to meet the four-wheel drive (4WD) with all kinds of invincible obstacles. With its 28cm and exquisite appearance, this model stands out from the usual remote control cars. Suspension of the suspension is supplied by quality spiral springs, so you can surely scramble over the rocks. HB-P1802 Rock Crawler RC Car is a sensational model made on a scale of 1:18, which you will arrive literally everywhere. Its suspension is designed to climb even the largest stones. Its interior perfectly reflects the look of the real car. Bah! It’s true … only smaller;) What are you waiting for? Choose the rock and climb to climb!


HB-P1802 Rock Crawler RC Car Auto is driven on all 4 wheels, which for models in this price range is a real rarity! This allows for steady driving and even more efficient steep slopes. You do not need to steer clear of obstacles, go the shortest route and you will reach the goal 🙂 Start losing even the weather, a good time to drive is always! Auto is protected from damage by reinforced ABS plastic, while special soft rubber wheels provide excellent traction and effectively keep the skidder in the running track. This also makes it easier for the trimmer to sit on the bottom of the car – you can calibrate on your own. HB-P1802 Rock Crawler RC Car is a Super robust climbing drive, 4 wheel pressure and double effective motors permit it to do stunner stunt, give you precise journey. HB-P1802 Rock Crawler RC Car made of Solid body chassis, high electricity composite plastic has an effect on resistant to assist offer protection to the crawler. Rubber bighorn tire, aggressive tread design, impressive floor clearance, better grip in rock and off-road. HB-P1802 Rock Crawler RC Car has Four suspension links and is derived, shockproof equipment and greater offer protection to the electronic add-ons within the toy.


The model moves at a speed of 25 km / h without losing the range, even at a distance of 60 meters. The included battery allows you to play for 10-20 minutes. These features combined with attractive and intriguing design make it a must-have item for any RC model collection. The wireless radio included in the kit works at 2.4GHz, so you can race in a larger group without worrying about interference. In addition to turning, forward and backward, the joystick mode also makes it easy to tackle large obstacles. 2.4 GHz frequency, low vigor consumption, two method transmission, strong anti-interference.Persistent super vigor: Can playing extra than Half-hour. High caliber ABS fabric, super anti-throw potential.


The HB-P1802 is a sports car that is specially designed for climbing unsteadily, uneven terrain. With strong motors and suspension system, high rotor helps the car to overcome the terrain easily. The HB-P1802 battery charger runs on average 20 minutes of play time, 2 hours of charging time. Through the remote control, a handle can control the vehicle NO.HB-P1802 forward left turn over the obstacle easily the maximum distance 60m. You can buy From TOMTOP at $24.99 if you use $3 Coupon Code: HTY3HB


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