Here One, World’s First AR Smart Earphone Coming in November


There are much noise in our life. Sometimes we need to use earphone to stop to hear this noise. Right now here is a good solution from Doppler laboratory that they created an earphone named Here One with AR function which can isolate the noise effectively.


It’s said there is micro audio processor and self adaptive filter built in Here One earphone which can let users control the noise in different environment. So it can not only reduce the noise, but also enhance the noise. You may be very curious about why we need to enhance the noise. For example, if we wear this earphone to run and we can’t hear the car noise, it will be very dangerous. So this Here One earphone has dual effective for the different noise. Doppler laboratory has made an experiment before, when the baby crying,  we wore the Hero one, we can’t hear any noise. So if you are inclined to quietness , why not have a try?


In addition, Here One is regarded as the first global AR smart earphone. In general, our smartphones app can control earphones’ smart functions, this Here One earphone has redefined AR not only for our eyes, but also for our ears. Besides, Here One earphone will go to the public in November, 2016 and sell at $299, will you enjoy this first AR earphone?


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