Here You Need to Know All About Xiaomi MI5S and MI5S Plus


Tomorrow Xiaomi will hold Autumn new product press conference on September 27, @Xiaomi smartphone, so let’s conclude the high-end technology of Xiaomi MI5S.  Right now we can make the conclusion about Xiaomi MI5S specs, functions, and key features as follows.

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First, Antutu score: 164K points. Currently, it is the highest scores in Antutu Benchmark, thx to Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 6GB.


Second, dual rear camera. Right now we don’t know the exact pixels about dual rear camera, but according to the samples from Lei Jun, it confirmed the amazing effect, which will be highly improved compared with Xiaomi MI5.


Third, bright black ceramic body. Xiaomi MI5S has used Ceramic body, compared with Iphone 7 with aluminum body, its ceramic design is more wear-resisting. But the worse news is the low production. We hope xiaomi can fix this kind of problem.


Fourth, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner Under Glass. It’s said Xiaomi MI5S will be the first smartphone to use Under Glass fingerprint scanner which will put the sensor hidden the glass without ports on its front panel.

Fifth, 3D Touch Screen. Iphone 6s has used this function, but according to user experience, it’s not so practical. We have no idea about if Xiaomi has better solution.

Sixth, it is said Xiaomi MI5S will not use OLED curved screen provided by Samsung according to the latest news. But it is possible to use OLED curved screen by LG.



Besides Xiaomi MI5S, the large screen version, Xiaomi MI5S Plus has also confirmed the existence by Xiaomi Co-founder, Lin Bin. It’s said it will be released as Xiaomi MI5S together.


According to the latest PPT screenshot unveiled, Xiaomi MI5S standard version will sell at 1999 yuan, $330, besides using Snapdragon 821 processor, it will also have RAM 6GB ROM 64GB internal storage, and it will have higher version possibly.


The other screenshot shows Xiaomi MI5S Plus will sell 2999 yuan, $500, powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, RAM 6GB ROM 256GB. It’s said it will have 5.7inch 2K screen. It’s so excited to see them tomorrow. Are you expected?


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