HiAR Glasses II Snapdragon 820 coming soon


Although AR industry is still in its infancy, but it is expected to grow at a rapid rate. At the end of last year, Liang Feng Tai, focusing on intelligent image recognition and visual interactive technology announced the HiAR Glasses AR Smart Glasses prototype. Building on that, they have announced the follow up  HiAR Glasses II. 9c30002ac58f61fd3f8

The AR Smart Glasses has optical fusion AR and binocular display. HiAR Glasses II will be released soon and compared with the first generation the HiAR Glasses II comes packed with some major changes. It is understood that the new HiAR Glasses will use an all-in-one design, fused images, voice, gestures,  and other interaction methods, its hardware, algorithms, operating systems and applications have all been updated.
In addition, HiAR Glasses II will come with a Snapdragon 820 processor. Not long ago, Qualcomm announced that Snapdragon 820 would support the Tango AR chip technology.

Overall Design
On the appearance design, HiAR Glasses II uses relatively soft neutrals, they come in two colors, black and silver two colors.According to its staff, they have based this on traditional Chinese painting bamboo brushwork. The new HiAR Glasses can be adjusted to fit any sized head.

Lens Shading
HiAR Glasses front lens uses a dual curved lens , the company has gone with a wingspan type model in the overall modelling, so the wearer is able to filter out any interference from unwanted ambient light while at the at the same time eliminating dust, fingerprints, etc to eliminate any damage to the optical components within the glasses. This also ensures the distance between the lens and face is optimal to prevent the wearer from sweating allowing the glasses to breathe ensuring a fogging effect is minimized.

The Material
HiAR Glasses II is made from aluminum alloy and is anodized, the structure is solid to avoid any damage on the outside and the inside of the glasses and also comes with a type of memory foam to match the different sized heads of any user comfortably. Not much else was revealed about the specs, However, it is comparable to the first generation in terms of its design.

Rest assured guys this isnt the last last we will be hearing about this type of Technology, in fact our prediction is it will explode , not only in device technology but the content as well. Watch this space.The HiAR Glasses II   look and sound absolutely fantastic and We look forward to playing around with these bad boys.




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