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Working from home is the business trend of 2020. With everyone from Google & Twitter employees in the USA, to asset managers & accountants in the UK working from home for several months, it is likely that many organisations will look to transition employees to a permanent operational change now that the remote working infrastructure is in place.

For those who have wanted to start their own business, remote working may have been the kickstart they needed.  The fact that remote-working is no longer deemed as ‘unprofessional’ has opened the proverbial doorway for many to start their own companies without the overheads of leasing an office and paying for a commute – often a significant cost if you work in a major city.

If you are going to be working from home permanently, even if it’s just for a couple of days each week – it’s best to have a dedicated home office – even if you just use a corner of an existing room for your desk and computer.

We take a look at what technology has to offer in terms of comfort and productivity for your home office – we also have a few, lower-tech, wellbeing tips on hand.

Desktop Computer

Although many of us have been sent home to work with the company laptop, if you run your own business or just want a high tech computer for your office, then you have probably already chosen a side on the Mac Vs PC debate.

Hunch.com did some research into Mac Vs PC users, reporting that, for example, Mac users are 80% more likely to be vegans, than PC users!

Mac users are also 22% more likely to be aged between 18-34 and Mac users are 50% more likely to say they throw parties!

Windows still own the majority of personal computer O.S. market share, 89% at the time this infographic was published – Linux takes about 2%

In 2017, it was reported that 1 billion people were using Windows, and 100 million using the Mac OS. This is probably due to the cost of Mac computers.

What would the ultimate home office computer be?

Well, that’s down to personal preference, but we’d say the iMac Pro is a great option – if you have the money.

The 2020 iMac comes with a smart-web-cam with 1080 pixels resolution. This is ideal for remote-working and video conferencing. The mic is also extremely high quality, making a great feature for recording video and screen-recordings with narration.

The 2020 iMac features a monitor with nanotexture glass. This glass has been designed to reduce glare while maintaining all of the screen’s detail. It also contains True Tone technology, that measures ambient light and brightness, to automatically adjust the display. The speakers have also been updated, to provide a great entertainment system.

The 27-inch, iMac with Retina 5k display also features:

– 3.6 GHz Intel Core i9 processor

– 8GB memory

– 512GB SSD storage

– 10 Gigabit Ethernet

For more information about the 2020 5k iMac (the $2300 model) see this great video.

CZUR ET Series Book Document Scanner ET16 Plus

If you need a scanner, and you want high-tech, then the CZUR might just be for you.

It’s great if you have to scan books it can scan around 300 pages in 7 minutes and it auto-flattens the scanned-image and removes fingerprints.

You initiate a scan with a neat little pedal or a button. So the process for scanning a book would be – turn the pages, hold down the book so it stays open on the pages, click the button or pedal to scan – then turn the page and start over again.


Cubinote is a very hand piece of kit. It creates sticky notes and labels. You don’t need ink, it prints from any device and is wifi & Bluetooth enabled. It comes with lots of templates and you can even print your drawings!

Wellbeing Tech

Tech is not always necessary when it comes to wellbeing. Having plants around and a dog, have both been shown to enhance wellbeing in office workers (for more information please see this BBC article).

Grounding, also known as earthing – has been shown in scientific studies to reduce inflammation and muscle pain (see the NCBI publication here). Grounding involves connecting with the earth, usually by standing or walking barefoot. Technology can help in the office, with a grounding mat.

Modern Health is a platform for monitoring employees or your individual mental wellbeing. It can match you to a therapist quickly, who can be accessed via video sessions. The app also has a meditation program.

A sit-stand desk is also a great option. “Sitting is the new smoking” according to many recent publications regarding the physiological and psychological impact of sitting for long periods.

The BN Easy Space Electrically Height Adjustable T Leg Rectangular Desk has an aluminium frame finish, an optional memory function and a 2-year guarantee.

Finally, a great way to improve your home office wellbeing, if you are an entrepreneur, is to get a 24/7 phone answering service. Moneypenny offer a dedicated team of receptionists to cover you 24/7 – this lets you take time out from work in the evenings and weekends, safe in the knowledge that a professional receptionist will deal with any queries and pass on any messages via text. They can also filter out annoying sales calls and other unwanted interruptions.


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