HIGOLE GOLE1 Plus Mini PC 4GB + 64GB/128GB At Unbelievable Price(Coupons Included)


We have seen a meteoric rise in the shipments of Mini PCs recently.The ongoing CES is expected to see a launch of number of these types of devices. We have an interesting tablet today the HIGOLE GOLE1 Plus Mini PC is a rectangular slab of 27mm thickness and comes in two variants 64GB and 128GB. The important part is, we are giving out a discount coupon so that the deal is irresistible.

By looking at it for the first time you might ask is it a phone? is it a tablet? what is it? Well it is a Mini PC as we call it and its because it is intended to be a miniature sized PC and perform on par with notebooks or laptops. The GOLE1 Plus Mini PC is just a rectangular slab of size 19.9cm x 13.6cm x 2.7cm. It is made up of all metal sides and back. We have a touchscreen in the front and on the sides we have various ports like the 3.5mm Audio, DC Power Port, HDMI, LAN, Micro SD Card Slot, USB2.0, USB3.0.

The MINI PC is powered by an Intel Cherry Trail T3 Z8350 Quad Core CPU and Intel Gen 8-LP GPU. Then we have the rocking combination of 4GB RAM and 64GB/128GB ROM combination inside. It has plenty of connectivity options too like, Wifi, Bluetooth, RJ-45 100M LAN, HDMI etc. So its no less than a laptop.

The HIGOLE GOLE1 Plus Mini comes in two variants a 64GB storage and a 128GB storage. Both weirdly priced the same $229 for 64GB variant and $230 for 128GB variant, which is something even I didn’t understand. But nonetheless using our coupon code : GB9% you can further get a discount and purchase these at just $212 only.

Update on June 20: You can use coupon code: GBHIGOLE to catch it at $169.99 now.


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