HIMO Z20C Review – 250W Folding Electric Bike at $839.99 From Banggood (Coupon)


Xiaomi has become one of the leading brands around the world offering reliable and affordable electronic gadgets, including smartphones and notebooks. The company has been able to gain the trust of millions of customers around the world in a short period, mainly due to its offering of high-quality products at affordable prices. It is one of the main reasons why customers prefer Xiaomi to other brands like Samsung etc. In this article, we will talk about another great product, the Xiaomi HIMO Z20C folding electric bike that the company is offering with already evident success.

Buy HIMO Z20C From Banggood


Xiaomi HIMO Z20C is a folding bike that comes with a lightweight 20-inch frame, which offers high quality and stability to its cyclists. The bike handles can also be folded away to allow for better parking. Cyclists can ride the bicycle manually or by using electricity with a lithium-ion battery. The mileage for electric mode alone is approximately 50 KM with a fully charged battery. There is a battery management system that offers overcurrent, overload, short circuit and temperature protection. It also provides automatic shutdown and voltage equalization. The bike makes use of the double braking system which offers more stable braking capabilities and excellent safety. The bike battery is entirely hidden inside the frame. Cyclists can use the LED headlight to have adequate vision and ensure safe driving at night. There is also a rear brake light and non-slip pedals.

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Xiaomi HIMO Z20C is a folding electric bike designed with an innovative battery compartment, hidden inside the frame. The bike handles are foldable and allow for easy parking. This e-bike comes with three different riding modes. It supports both pedalling and electric energy to ensure a smooth ride. The electric mode can use for daily commuting while pedalling or electric assistance can use during exercise or to enjoy a leisurely ride. You can quickly switch between modes using the digital display on the handlebar and view information on battery status and distance travelled.

The Xiaomi HIMO Z20C electric bicycle can use for all daily trips and also enjoy a pleasant ride. You can use the manual-powered bike if you want to exercise regularly and keep fit. The folding bike can easily park anywhere, as it requires less space with its folding mechanism. You can get up to 80KM of distance using continuous electric moped mileage.


The HIMO brand is one of the most advanced in the electric bicycle sector and now it surprises us with its new HIMO Z20C, an electric one with a very elaborate design and performance at a good height. We can buy it from Banggood at $839.99 by using Coupon Code: BGHMZ20C in Flash sale.

Buy HIMO Z20C From Banggood


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