Homgeek Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Control Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


One of the more interesting parts of the smart home is the robot vacuum cleaner. Can you imagine never having to vacuum your home again? That’s what a robot vacuum cleaner is for. There are many on the market right now, some coming in as low as $150, and some coming in as high as $1000. But which are the best robot vacuum cleaners out there? We’ve Homgeek Automatic Vacuum Cleaner would top the list, beating out top offerings from competitors like iRobot and xiaomi robot at a fraction of the cost while delivering superior performance.


Homgeek Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes in white, Blue colors, but the overall design is modern, stylish, futuristic and very pleasing to the eye. The vacuum has a circular shape, with a diameter of just 285mm / 11.22in, and a height of 75mm / 2.95in (Including the wheel height). In a few words, it’s small enough to be effective without getting in the way. It weights around 1.72 kg / 3.80 Lb (Cleaner Robot). The brand new vacuum cleaner is the reliable vacuum cleaning robot with built-in anti-drop function. It is an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner with high efficiency of wiping hair, debris, and dirt easily and fast. The round shape looks very simple and classy. With a dual-mode anti-scratching system, auto-recharging, 3 cleaning paths, and large water tank bring an automatic damp mopping for hard floor, this is perfect for vacuuming and sweeping. Automatically cleaning, vacuuming and mopping with the touch control floor clean robot.


Homgeek Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Intelligent dust collection and floor sweeping, automatic cleaning mode intelligent dust collection with and 450ml big dust box. Smart dust cleaning automatically cleans the room without manual manipulation. 2.95inch height body for easy cleaning the bottom of desk and sofa without obstacle. 2.4G wireless remote control with 1000 Pa big suction for easy cleaning. Lengthened side brush for 360 degrees thoroughly cleaning wall side Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has High-efficient & durable200mAh Lithium battery, with the endurance of 120 minutes and sweep 200 square meters once time. Unique & intelligent anti-collision system prevents damage your furniture and robot itself.


If you’re on the lookout for an energy and time-saving tool that can help you clean hardwood floors, rugged areas, and other surfaces, the Homgeek Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a great fit. While it can be relatively big, its size may not be an issue since it can effectively clean bigger areas. Whether you want to make the areas of your home spotless or you are preparing to sell commercial properties (e.g. offices spaces, restaurants), it can serve you well. You can buy from Tomtop at $84.34 use Coupon Code: HTYVH and 220 points to enjoy the price.


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