Honor 30 Pro+ vs Xiaomi Mi10 Pro Camera Comparison: Which one Best in Telephoto Capability


Honor and Xiaomi, as two brands that love each other and kill each other, also fought fiercely in the first half of the competition, especially in the battle between 100 Megapixels and super outsole. Just last week, the two executives began to separate. After the empty talk, Huawei Terminal CEO Yu Chengdong and Honor President Zhao Ming said on Weibo that the direction of 100 Megapixels was wrong, and then Xiaomi Wang Teng responded, but it was not a positive response. Honor Shen Kailang also raised questions: Will the high-end flagship phones of Xiaomi continue to use 100 Megapixels? Honor 30 Pro+ vs Xiaomi Mi10 Pro Camera Test

Recently, there has been news that the Mi 10 Super Cup is coming, but it will not continue to use 100 Megapixels. Many netizens said that Shen Guangfang was right. Does it seem that 100 Megapixels is indeed in the wrong direction? So is it better to have a super big bottom or 100 Megapixels? Today I will take everyone to find out.

Let’s take Honor 30 Pro+ vs Xiaomi Mi10 Pro as examples. In terms of products, Xiaomi took the lead in releasing the Mi 10 series at the beginning of the year. Among them, Mi 10 Pro has become the dazzle of many users in 2020 with the highlights of a 100-megapixel 8K movie camera, Snapdragon 865, and 50x zoom.

In the following April, Honor brought its new digital series Honor 30 series. The combination of medium cup, large cup, and super large cup further extended the product strength. Among them, the super large cup of Honor 30 Pro+ relies on 50 Megapixels RYYB super outsole. And bright spots such as 50x digital zoom have become a new choice for many people.

As far as the Honor 30 Pro+ and Xiaomi Mi10 Pro are two top products, although they are all promoting the telephoto gameplay that can reach 50x digital zoom, who is better? I believe this is a problem that many netizens have been paying attention to. Today we will give you a test.

First of all, from the hardware point of view, the Honor 30 Pro+ is equipped with a RYYB super outsole + an 8-megapixel periscope telephoto lens, while the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is equipped with a 100-megapixel + an 8-megapixel traditional telephoto lens. It can be understood from the official website of Honor that the Honor 30 Pro+ supports 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and up to 50x digital zoom with the support of this periscope lens. According to Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is here. The 8 Megapixel telephoto lens supports 10x hybrid zoom and up to 50x digital zoom. Although the office does not specify how many optical zooms, we learned from Xiaomi Mall customer service that it supports 2x optical zoom.

In this group of double-zoom proofs, because Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro supports optical zoom, the picture quality is better. Take the “Group Lesson” handwriting in the lower right corner as an example. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a higher definition, and Honor 30 Pro+ In the case of double zoom, the image quality is reduced due to the cropping. The font in the lower right corner is not as clear as the Xiaomi 10 Pro. In this link, the Xiaomi 10 Pro won.

In the 5x zoom scene, because the Honor 30 Pro+ supports 5x optical zoom, the picture quality will be better. From the color point of view, whether it is the color of the whole building or the red characters of “Golden Center”, including the background scene The blue sky and Honor 30 Pro+ are more real, and the color of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is light.

In the higher 10x zoom scene, let’s take a look at the performance of both. Both support 10x hybrid zoom. So who is more powerful? In terms of details, the glass windows of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro have obvious smearing marks, while the Honor 30Pro+ performs relatively well. From the red letter on the top, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has a certain color difference.

In the 20x and 50x zoom proofs, it can be seen that the image quality of both has decreased. From the perspective of observability, 20x zoom is actually sufficient. If you zoom in again, the image quality may not meet the user’s requirements. demand. Starting from the actual proofs, the picture quality of the Honor 30 Pro+ will be slightly better than that of the Mi 10 Pro. In the case of the maximum 50x zoom, the picture of the Mi 10 Pro has turned white, the details are seriously lost, and the colors of the Honor 30Pro+ are preserved.

In order to better show the color performance of the two products after zooming, we took a group of treetop samples under a clear sky. Judging from this set of 5x zoom proofs, whether it is leaves or sky, the performance of the two products is not the same. Honor 30Pro+ has greener leaves and bluer sky, while Mi 10 Pro is lighter.

In the 10x hybrid zoom scene that the two products jointly feature, we can see that the overall color of Honor 30 Pro+ is better, and the picture quality is better. The sky of Xiaomi Mi10 Pro is still not true blue, but the picture quality of leaves The decline is also more obvious; in the 20x zoom scene, the gap is even greater. The proofs of the Xiaomi Mi10 Pro are basically not viewable. The Honor 30Pro+ performs well, especially at 5x, 10x, and 20x zoom. Under the scene, color consistency is maintained.

In the zoom experience, the Honor 30Pro+ has added the telephoto picture-in-picture function, so when the zoom is above 15 times, we can better find the target we want to shoot, and the experience will be better.

The telephoto shooting of portraits also has certain needs in daily life. For example, the subject is in motion. If you want to take a clear shot when you are far away, you have to telephoto, so that you can take more satisfactory photos. After taking pictures of buildings, fonts, green plants, and blue sky, let’s take a look at how the two products perform in portrait shooting under zoom.

When shooting portraits in zoom mode, we first chose 5x mode to shoot. In actual shooting, we found that the AI ​​of Honor 30Pro+ can still automatically recognize “portraits” for beauty, while Mi 10 Pro is 5x Portrait recognition is not performed in zoom mode. Later, we discovered that the portrait shooting of Mi 10 Pro does not support zoom. After understanding this principle, we can clearly see that when shooting people in 5x mode, Honor 30Pro+’s blessing with beautifying effects will be more pleasing, and the green color behind it is also more realistic, which can be very good On the contrary, the portrait of Mi 10 Pro will be more real, and the green plants behind the characters will be darker.

In this set of 10x zoom mode proofs, we can still see the beauty effect given by Honor 30 Pro+ AI, which will be more pleasing when shooting people, and from the hair color of the young lady, the restoration of Honor 30 Pro+ is To be more accurate, Mi 10 Pro will be darker. If you want to post to Moments, you may need to add a later stage.

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Through this test of the Honor 30 Pro+ vs Xiaomi Mi10 Pro  telephoto lenses, it is not difficult to see that, as the best in the field of 50x zoom, both have relatively excellent performance. The advantages of Mi 10 are mainly concentrated in the 2x optical zoom mode, and Honor 30Pro+ will perform slightly weaker at this focal length. But in 5x, 10x, or even higher zoom, Honor30 Pro+ will be slightly better in terms of image quality and color rendering.


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