Honor 60/Pro Series Appeared: Support Gesture Camera


Honor 60 series will be released on December 1. The official has already warmed up the new phone many times before and announced some appearance information of the new phone. This morning, @Honor Mobile Official Micro The latest warm-up video was announced.d

The latest warm-up video of Honor highlights the gesture camera function of the Honor 60 series. The front AI super-sensing lens of the new machine can sense the user’s gestures . Specifically, the user can take pictures by high-fiving in front of the camera, and flipping the palm can also Control the switching of the front and rear cameras of the mobile phone, and also support various gesture operations such as waving a hand, making a fist, and OK, which can bring a lot of convenience for users to take pictures.

In addition, the warm-up video also shows the appearance of the Honor 60 series in all directions. The front of the Honor 60 series will adopt a four-curved screen design with ultra-narrow four borders and a punched selfie camera in the center of the screen.

The back design of the phone has been officially announced many times before. The Honor 60 series continues the ring design concept of the Honor 50 series and is further upgraded to a double ring design. In terms of details, the overall lens module of the Honor 60 series is A slightly curved shape is embedded in the starry sky of the rear shell, and the two main lenses in the lens module have no separate protrusions, and the overall look is very round and smooth. In addition, the back shell also introduces a new starry sky design concept in the color design.

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The official configuration information of the Honor 60 series has not yet been announced.

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