Honor 70 Pro Renders: 200 Megapixels Cameras, 0.5-inch Second Screen


The time interval between the release of the Honor 50 series and the Honor 60 series is very short, and the release frequency of the Honor digital series has become very fast. The purpose of Honor is to rapidly expand its market share because the sales performance of the Honor 50 series is very good, directly The market share of Honor mobile phones has increased a lot. However, the Honor 60 series and Honor 50 series are not too high in terms of recognition, so it is reported that the Honor 70 series will be redesigned in appearance, and the appearance of the Honor 70 Pro has changed a lot.The appearance of the Honor 70 Pro is not similar to any mobile phone currently on sale, and the recognition is unique. First of all, the body of the Honor 70 Pro adopts a dual-color design. For example, the body of the Honor 70 Pro in the rendering design is red, but the red is also divided into two different shades, and the color difference is more obvious. Among them, the camera module and the second screen are placed in the dark body area, and the design of this appearance is very recognizable.

The camera module of the Honor 70Pro includes three lenses and a sensor, and the camera module also includes a second screen with a size of only 0.5 inches. Although the design of the second screen on the back of the fuselage is no longer a new design among many mobile phones, it is still very rare for a second screen with a very small size like the Honor 70Pro, which is fully integrated in the camera module. , Because mobile phones with a second screen, like to design the size of the secondary screen to be large.

The three cameras of the Honor 70 Pro will also be upgraded again. Because the Honor 70 Pro is the main mobile phone camera, it will continue to upgrade the camera to take pictures. The first 200 million pixel image sensor OVB0B has been exposed, with 0.61-micron pixels, which also means that mobile phone cameras have officially opened the era of 200 Megapixels, and the Honor 70Pro will also be the first to carry this 200 Megapixel image sensor. The effect will be more obvious. Now that the main camera has been upgraded to 200 million pixels, the original 100 Megapixel camera will be used on the ultra-wide-angle camera, and the telephoto camera will support 50 million pixels.

The main selling point of the Honor 70Pro is camera photography and Vlog shooting. It is not very pursuit of the performance of mobile phones, so in terms of processors, it will not excessively pursue the strongest processor chip, but the processor with strong performance and low power consumption is highly regarded. favor. This time, the strategy of Honor 70Pro will not completely rely on Qualcomm processors but will try high-performance chips such as Dimensity 7000 processors. In addition, in terms of battery and fast charging specifications, the Honor 70Pro will return to 100W fast charging, and will also add 50W wireless fast charging technology.

Of course, in addition to the improvement in camera performance and fast charging technology, some parameters of the Honor 70Pro screen are also very good. In particular, the addition of 2K resolution and the use of the second-generation smart refresh rate technology make the Honor 70Pro’s screen performance very good, and the display effect is also very good. In addition, the 10,000-level dimming and high-frequency eye protection functions also add a lot of selling points to the Honor 70Pro, and the screen curvature of the Honor 70Pro is also reduced a lot this time, and the feel and visual effects are excellent.

The design of the Honor 70 Pro has changed a lot this time. The improvement of the camera lens, the addition of a second screen, the use of the Dimensity 7000 chip and the return of 100W fast charging have all made the overall performance of the Honor 70 Pro more competitive. Of course, the price of Honor 70Pro is still stable between 3,000 yuan and 4,000 yuan this time, and its competitiveness is still very strong, which can be said to be another weapon for the rise of Honor.

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