Honor 70 Pro Renders: Snapdragon 870, 100W Fast Charging


It is these good user experiences that have greatly increased the sales of the Honor 50 and Honor 60 of the Honor digital series and helped the market share of Honor mobile phones to increase significantly. Then, because the appearance designs of the Honor 50 and Honor 60 models are too similar, some media leaked the rendering design of the Honor 70 Pro, which will adopt completely different designs.

The appearance design of the Honor 70 Pro has completely broken the rules. For example, the camera module of the Honor 70Pro is no longer a dual-ring design, but a ring-shaped camera module similar to the Honor X30 and Honor Magic3. The appearance of the camera module of this model. For example, the ring camera of the Honor 70 Pro has a lens in the middle, and then two lenses are arranged in the ring camera module, which is very similar to the Honor Magic 3, but still different. In terms of the number of lenses and the layout of the lenses, the Honor 70 Pro still has its own ideas.

The three camera lenses of the Honor 70 Pro are arranged in a straight line, and the layout is inclined. This time, the number of lenses of the Honor 70 Pro has not increased on the basis of the previous generation, but there has been a major upgrade in the functions of the lenses. This time, the Honor 70Pro is still the main camera, so the main camera in the middle of the ring module is a liquid camera, which is the first time it has appeared on an Honor mobile phone. This liquid camera supports two shooting modes, telephoto, and macro, and it can be said that one lens can be used for many purposes. The other two lenses of the Honor 70 Pro are a wide-angle camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera.

The screen of the Honor 70 Pro is still a four-curved design, and it is no longer a traditional high-curved screen, but a 3D micro-curved design and the screen slightly protrudes from the frame of the phone. The micro-curved screen is very friendly to consumers who do not like high curvature, because the experience of gesture control will not be bad, and the visual effect is also more friendly. This time, the Honor 70Pro will also upgrade the hardware configuration of the screen, such as high-frequency eye protection and other functions will continue to be retained, and the display effect of the screen will be upgraded again.

The fuselage frame of the Honor 70 Pro also adopts a flat design, which is very similar to the appearance of the mainstream iPhone 13 series models. It can be said that the fuselage design of the Honor 70 Pro draws on the appearance of the iPhone 13 series to a certain extent. The screen parameters of the Honor 70Pro use a 2K resolution, and it will also support the adaptive refresh technology of LTPO while supporting a maximum adaptive refresh rate of 120 Hz. It can be said that the Honor 70 Pro is also advancing with the times. In order to gain more consumer support, hardware configuration upgrades are inevitable.

In terms of the hardware configuration of the phone, the Honor 70 Pro will not upgrade the top-level processor configuration but will continue to continue the mid-range processor. There is a lot of room for such processors to choose from. For example, the Snapdragon 870 processor, or the Dimensity 5000 processor, etc., are the objects that the Honor 70Pro can choose. However, the Snapdragon 870 processor has a higher degree of adaptation. Because the Snapdragon 870 processor has strong performance and very low power consumption, it is more suitable for use by the Honor 70Pro. In terms of battery capacity, the Honor 70 Pro will also return to 100W fast charging, the battery capacity will be upgraded to 5200 mAh, and the wireless fast charging will also be upgraded to 45W.

The overall configuration of the Honor 70Pro has been significantly upgraded, and the configuration parameters have been greatly improved from the previous generation. At the same time, the appearance has also become more family-oriented, especially the ring-shaped camera module allows the outside world to recognize at a glance that this is the Honor mobile phone. series. The Huawei-like design of the Honor 70 Pro is also used by many consumers, and the improvement of the parameter configuration is believed to help the Honor mobile phone continue to expand its market share.

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