Vivo S12 Review: An Excellent Selfie Flagship With Perfect Gaming


The Vivo S12 series will be officially released, including the S12 Pro and S12. Although it has been less than half a year since the release of the previous generation S series, the Vivo S12 series still has many upgrades in terms of appearance design and hardware configuration. What are the changes in the configuration of the Vivo S12 standard version? How is the performance after the upgrade? The evaluation takes you to understand.


The Vivo S12 adopts a right-angle middle frame + straight screen design, which is also the biggest difference in appearance from the S12 Pro version. The rear camera module adopts the star chain arrangement concept, which has a sense of order, plus a large blank space, which is simple and refreshing.  Vivo S12 is available in three color options: warm gold, yao black, and island blue. The warm gold color scheme is very special and supports photochromic. This time, photochromic 2.0 technology is adopted, improving ultraviolet and blue light absorption, color change threshold, and speed change.

In an indoor environment, the back cover of the warm gold color scheme is mainly a golden visual effect, which will turn into a lush blue-green after being irradiated by sunlight or ultraviolet rays. Even if it is cloudy outdoors, the back will have a discoloration effect, and the visual style changes significantly before and after the discoloration, bringing a new sensory experience.

The phone adopts a bright surface right-angle middle frame design, which will have a strong and angular feeling when holding it. The back cover of the fuselage has a delicate matte texture, which is comfortable to touch and is not easy to get fingerprints. The Vivo S12 also has the advantage of being light and thin. The thickness of the body with warm gold color matching is controlled at 7.55mm, and the bodyweight is about 181g, which is relatively thin and light.

In terms of display, Vivo S12 is equipped with a 6.44-inch AMOLED straight screen, and the four borders of the screen are well controlled. It continues the classic bangs design to accommodate high-standard selfie hardware, with a screen ratio of 91.04%.

This screen supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz, with a resolution of 2400×1080, covering 98% of the NTSC color gamut. The screen has passed the TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification, making it more eye-friendly. In addition, the phone also supports dark mode, eye protection mode, etc.

Gaming Performance

The Vivo S12’s selfie performance is as good as ever, so don’t worry about the performance of this part, so let’s take a look at the performance first. Starting from the Vivo S9 series, the S series uses the flagship Dimensity chip to provide powerful performance support, making it more versatile.

The Vivo S12 is equipped with the Dimensity 1100 chip, using a 6nm process technology, the CPU is an eight-core design, including 4 Cortex-A78 large cores (2.6GHz), and the GPU is an ARM G77 MC9. At the same time, there is UFS3.1 high-speed flash memory, built-in superconducting liquid cooling, dual-effect memory fusion, + 4G blessing.

In terms of running points, the Vivo S12 AnTuTu total running score reached 670,000+, and the storage and reading performance is also very good, which improves the speed of software loading and other scenarios. In terms of actual game experience, we selected three popular games, “Honor of Kings”, “Peace Elite,” and “QQ Speed” for actual testing.

The Vivo S12 supports the 90Hz high frame mode of “Honor of Kings”, and the picture effects are fully open. The average number of frames recorded by the PerfDog software is 90.1 frames, and there is almost no fluctuation in the number of frames throughout the game. Even in complex scenes such as multi-person team battles and zooming moves, the number of frames is stable. With the 90Hz high-brush screen, the fluency is very good.

In addition, the game “QQ Speed” also supports the 90-frame mode. The average number of frames recorded by the PerfDog software is 89.2 frames, providing a smooth high-frame experience. Various operations in the game respond very quickly, bringing an excellent high-frame gaming experience.

In the game “Peace Elite”, the current mobile phone does not support high frame mode, and the combination of smooth picture quality + limit frame number (60 frames) picture quality setting can be turned on. The average number of frames recorded by the PerfDog software is 59.8 frames. The whole game can be kept near the full frame, and the fluctuation is very small. There is no need to worry about the actual picture fluency. This game also supports 4D game vibration to enrich the game experience.

Judging from the actual measurement results, the excellent performance of the Vivo S12 can easily cope with mainstream games. Even when playing high frame rate games, it can maintain a stable number of frames, so there is no need to worry about poor performance affecting the mainstream online game experience.

Vivo S12 has a built-in game assistant with rich functions, quickly turning on the game boost mode, screen refresh rate, etc. It supports practical functions such as small window mode and background calls. The game’s lightning start allows you to open the game quickly. These details can further improve the comprehensive game. Experience.


The Vivo S12 uses a 44-megapixel front-facing main camera (1/2.65-inch, AF autofocus) + 8-megapixel front wide-angle dual-camera combination, which should be the same set on the Vivo S10 series, and its strength is still very strong. Powerful. The Vivo S12 is equipped with two-color temperature and four soft lights, twice as many as the previous generation. The color temperature of the soft lights can be adjusted, and three different color temperatures of cool white, default, and warm yellow are available to realize the transformation of the lighting atmosphere.

With the blessing of soft light, it is easy to create different photo styles. For example, in the above selfie proofs, the atmosphere of photos under different colors and gentle lights is different. Moreover, under the blessing of soft light, the imaging quality of the dark light environment has been greatly improved, and a good selfie can also be taken in low light. The soft light can also be used with the screen soft light ring to achieve mixed fill light.

The Vivo S12 has also upgraded the beauty algorithm. With the blessing of smart skin, the skin tone is more natural and textured, and at the same time, it can retain the three-dimensional sense of facial features and be more natural.

The Vivo S12 also brings new selfies, such as supporting the sunset light style. You can easily take selfies with a sunset atmosphere with warm, soft light lighting + virtual light and shadow effects. The selfie part is still the forte of Vivo S12. It can guarantee a good selfie imaging effect during the day and in low light. It also has many interesting ways to play. It is easy to get a different selfie-style to meet the selfie needs of different scenes…

The Vivo S12 adopts a 108-megapixel main camera (1/1.52 inch) + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle + 2-megapixel macro in the rear image section three-camera combination, which supports night scene mode, HDR panoramic night scene, etc., with a rich gameplay.

The rear main camera of Vivo S12 takes fast imaging, and it will generate 12-megapixel photos by default. Those who have high requirements for details can turn on the 100-megapixel mode. The photo resolution is also good in the default mode, the details are rich, and the color reproduction is true. In well-lit scenes, the 2x zoom also has a good texture. With the ultra-wide-angle lens, you can capture a wider picture.

In terms of night shooting, the main camera should have integrated some algorithms in the default mode, suppressing highlights and retaining richer details in the dark.

The rear imaging system of the Vivo S12 can easily meet the needs of daily life recording, and the main camera can maintain a good imaging effect in different scenarios. In addition, the imaging system also supports video teleprompter, micro-movie, and other functions to meet more shooting needs.


The battery capacity of the Vivo S12 is also improved compared to the previous generation standard version, equipped with a 4200mAh battery that supports 44W flash charging.

In terms of charging, the mobile phone will automatically shut down after the power is exhausted and start the charging test. It can reach 28% of the power in 10 minutes, 72% of the power in 30 minutes and 53 minutes to reach 100% of the power.

We conducted a continuous battery life test for 3 hours in the battery life part. The screen turned on the 90Hz refresh rate mode, and the brightness was 50%. The test link included watching a 1080P video online, swiping Weibo, Douyin, and playing games. After 3 hours of continuous battery life test, the remaining power is still 70%. The specific power consumption is shown in the figure above. Although the battery is not particularly large, the actual battery life performance is not bad, so you don’t need to worry about the power problem all the time.

vivo S12 supports screen fingerprint recognition, the fingerprint recognition position is lower, the unlocking speed is fast, and it supports face unlocking, which is more convenient to use. This phone also supports multi-function NFC, supports transportation cards, access cards, etc., to improve daily convenience.

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The selfie effect of Vivo S12 and the body’s appearance will not disappoint you, but the advantages do not stop there. The Dimensity 1100 flagship chip it is equipped with can provide excellent performance support, and even friends who have certain requirements for game performance can get a good experience.

Vivo S12 can easily satisfy people who like taking selfies and have high requirements for the appearance of mobile phones and can cover a wider group of people with a balanced and comprehensive configuration and gain more users. Combined with the starting price of 2799 yuan, it has obvious advantages in the same price segment.


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