Honor 9i Vs Xiaomi Mi 6X Full Review: Let’s See Which One Is Better For You


Honor and Xiaomi are “gratitude and resentment” in the mobile phone ring for all to see, although both sides never throw an excessive amount of features to the other side, but its products are inevitably be used for comparison.

On April 25th, the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun announced a new Smartphone Mi 6X at his alma mater Wuhan University. This is the second product of Xiaomi X series and is still endorsed by Wu Yifan. At the press conference, Lei Jun spearheaded the direct competitor of Xiaomi Mi 6X, and said that Xiaomi Mi 6X and competing products have “almost the same configuration” with “half the price.” The other protagonist of this article is Honor 9i, it is not actually an ideal opponent in Xiaomi Mi 6X, but unfortunately, the price range and the main selling point is similar, so it is not impossible to use it.

Huawei Honor 9i hit the trend of the appearance and photographed, was officially called “thousands of wave of the United States flagship,” endorsed by Zhao Liying, its positioning crowd and Mi 6X high degree of coincidence. From the comparison of the parameters in the above chart, the difference between the price difference of $200 Honor 9i and Mi 6X has come and gone in various aspects, each has its own length, then what is the actual situation?

Honor 9i, compared to the previous 18:9 full screen has a number of advantages, such as a higher ratio of the screen, more comfortable body grip and so on. Mi 6X uses a full screen with a ratio of 18:9. Both phones have a 1080P screen resolution, and they have little difference in resolution. The screen size has a 0.15-inch gap.

From the picture, the size of both phones screens is difficult to distinguish, but the large gap between the measurements also reflects the advantages of Notch design. Honor 9i is significantly smaller than Mi 6X. The width of the upper and lower borders of the screen is narrower. The compact design brings higher screen share, and the visual experience of games and videos has certain advantages.

The arrangement of components at the top of the screen shows the intentions of both phones. Xiaomi Mi 6X’s self-timer lens and flashlight are arranged along the left and right of the handset. Honor 9i also puts around handset in the limited bangs area, and together with the camera coordination.

Turning the phone over, Honor 9i and Mi 6X still have their own distinctive design language. Xiaomi Mi 6X adopts a mature all-metal integrated design scheme. The color difference between the antenna, fingerprint scanner and the fuselage is small, bringing a unified visual perception;

Honor 9i continues its own in-line glass body design, 2.5D Underneath the glass, 12 layers of nano-scale craftsmanship, brilliant mirror effects rushed forward, and a delicate and refined temperament is definitely the favorite of users.

Details of the these both phones have their own advantages and disadvantages. Xiaomi Mi 6X’s vertical dual camera design, even if not to judge the imitation marks, too prominent in the body is also unsightly.

Fortunately the body thickness is only 7.3mm, with the back of the large curvature can bring comfortable fit Handle; Honor 9i’s bright-edged design frame is different, dual camera design is also more refined, but unfortunately, the bottom of the phone does not use the Type-C interface.

If Honor 9i and Xiaomi Mi 6X just take two different styles in appearance, then the camera is definitely the place where both phones face each other and can be distinguished. After all, this is their important selling point (possibly adding “. The word “most” is not too much.

First, pass parameters, Honor 9i rear 13MP + 2MP dual camera, support PDAF speed focus and multi-frame synthesis technology; Mi 6X is rear 12MP + 20MP dual camera, support pixel 4 in 1 technology. From the parameters, Xiaomi Mi 6X seems to occupy a certain advantage, but today, the “pixel-only theory” has long been out of date, it is difficult to make a conclusion without looking at the actual performance, so take a look at the specific real shot of both.

The imperial capital of the last weekend happened to catch up on the rainy days. We went to Nanluoguxiang and Houhai. Although there was no blue sky and white clouds (and there was no stormy weather), it was still very pleasant to walk around.

The most intuitive feeling of the following smoky street samples is that Honor 9i shows a brighter picture, and Xiaomi Mi 6X is a bit dark and green. Zooming in, the Honor 9i has more brightness than the picture, so the dark details are more abundant than the Mi 6X. This shows the advantage of the number of pixels needs to be reflected in the “beat”.

In the shooting process, I found that the Honor 9i’s exposure strategy is indeed more radical than the Mi 6X. In some large scenes, the Honor 9i is even brighter. In other respects, the performance of the two mobile phones is similar.

In terms of color performance, both phones did not disappoint me. Honor 9i still maintains a high-brightness style when shooting still life. The lotus is more vivid and the car is near the green. The lotus in the Mi 6X samples is even more green and the car body is pure blue. In simple terms, the color adjustments of Honor 9i and Xiaomi Mi 6X have their own ideas, and there is no distinction between them.

The strong level of Xiaomi Mi 6X is a deep impression on me. The following budding macro samples, Honor 9i brighten the picture, the highlighted part of the lack of certain details, while Mi 6X is retained. However, zooming in, Honor 9i actually recorded the spider silk on the flower bud, but Mi 6X is a little vague.

In the indoor and dim light scenes, Honor 9i and Mi 6X can be said to exceed my expectations, ideal light source control, excellent noise performance, it is difficult to imagine this is a two mid-range Smartphone.

Looking at the indoor backlit lighting below, the Honor of the 9i is slightly better than Mi 6X. The light source in the upper left does not have astigmatism or flare.

Regarding the photographing part, in the end, it is a self-portrait. According to the convention, one wave of parameters is followed. Honor 9i has a front 16MP photo-enhanced lens, support for dark pixels under the 4MP smart aggregate 2.0μm large pixels, get 4 times the photosensitivity; Mi 6X has a 20MP front camera and rear dual camera in the same camera Sony IMX376 sensor, also supports pixel four-in-one technology, equipped with a front soft light. It is worth mentioning that both phones rely on a single camera to take a photo of the background blur.

Below directly sampled. The following self-portraits samples make this straight man silly and unclear. Is there a difference? It’s beautiful! It can only be said that Honor 9i is more natural and Mi 6X is more white.

After the virtual switch is turned on, Honor 9i and Mi 6X can shoot nice portraits of self-portraits. Mi 6X is still walking in the line of whitening pink, beautiful woman’s face white, while lips pink; Honor 9i shot out of the skin more healthy and natural, shiny hair. In terms of blurring ability, the performance of both phones is not very different.

Interestingly, the portrait style of these two phones seems to be adjusted when the camera is switched to a rear dual camera. Honor 9i is obviously a matte maiden, and Mi 6X is natural. However, it is strange that Mi 6X does not seem to have a uniform beauty on the whole body. There is a big difference in the color of the arm skin and face. Honor 9i does not have such a phenomenon.

After magnifying the samples, Honor 9i and Mi 6X are not perfect enough to blur the edge of the hair, but the former is still slightly better than the latter.

In the last part of the comparison, we will describe the two aspects of hardware performance and system experience.

The Honor 9i is equipped with a Kirin 659 processor, and the Mi 6X is equipped with a Snapdragon 660 processor. These two chips must be familiar to everyone. In terms of memory, the comparison of the two phones is 4GB + 64GB memory combinations. From the perspective of theoretical performance alone, Mi 6X occupies a certain advantage, and 130,000 AnTutu points are still higher than 90,000 points of Honor 9i.

In actual experience, taking the game as an example, considering the price, Honor 9i and Mi 6X are all satisfying when they run online games such as “The Glory of the King” and “The Jedi Living: Stimulating the Battlefield”. However, to run smoothly, the former can open screens and special effects even lower than the latter. From the results of Antutu points, the CPU and GPU performance of the Honor 9i is lower than the Mi 6X, but the overall memory performance is stronger than it.

According to the official statement, the Honor 9i will usher in the latest GPU Turbo technology upgrade in the later period. This technology can bring graphics processing efficiency up to 60% improvement and SoC power consumption reduction of 30%, while significantly improving the stability and fluency of the game screen, we may wish to look forward to.

When testing the game, we also conveniently record the performance of the two Smartphones. As shown in the figure below, two 3000mAh battery-powered mobile phones consume 5% of power for playing half an hour of online ultra-clear video. The Honor 9i is more ideal for power consumption control in games. In half an hour, “King of Honor” consumes 2% less power than Xiaomi Mi 6X.

With less screen size, resolution and battery capacity, Honor 9i consumes less power thanks to hardware and software optimization. At the system level, Honor 9i is equipped with EMUI 8.0, while Xiaomi Mi 6X is equipped with MIUI 9.5.

On the interface, both mobile phones have their own characteristics, and both ugliness and ugliness are matters of opinion.

In terms of functionality, the Honor 9i and Mi 6X are also very similar. For example, if the screen slides to the far right, there will be a dedicated screen to contain and focus on the light features such as recharge, check express, taxi, buy movie tickets and other common life services. The Honor 9i integrates popular news and video, Xiaomi Mi 6X You can add chat social, e-commerce shopping and some useful tools.

Both handsets also have built-in voice assistants. Users can make mobile phones do simple things to free their hands, such as calling, how to make a special dish, and what good-looking movies they have recently. Interestingly, I give two The assistant asked a translation question: “Little Gogang just went to the Congo and said in English.” As the result shows, both have some translation errors, but Xiaomi’s AI translated “Xiaogang” into “I” is not a bit lazy.

Honor 9i also supports the smart screen recognition function. By simply holding down the contents, the user can blow up the text and then search, copy, and share. The Xiaomi Mi 6X also has a similar function hidden in the “lab”. Because it is not perfect enough, so the effect is not satisfactory. It automatically identified user immediately.

Of course, Mi 6X is not without bright spots. MIUI 9.5 comes with full-screen gestures, and it’s still awesome to slide back to the desktop on the bottom of the desktop, slide back in on the left or right side of the screen, and so on. As a Notch phone, the Honor 9i should not miss a full-screen gesture.

By the way, Honor 9i and Mi 6X both support the face recognition function, and the use of fingerprint recognition can improve the daily use efficiency. The following diagram shows that the face recognition speeds of the two phones are very fast, and the fingerprint keys can be completely replaced in an ideal environment.

Honor 9i

Glory 9i face recognition experience

Xiaomi Mi 6X

Millet 6X face recognition experience

Xiaomi Mi 6X in our editorial department can be described as “more fate”, has been used and then used Meizu E3 and Lenovo Z5 and other popular models, which also from the side of the phone’s heat and strength.

Today, Xiaomi Mi 6X once again ushered in the strong competitor of Honor 9i. With the difference of $200 in configuration, Honor 9i and Mi 6X have come back. Appearance, Honor 9i compact, Mi 6X popular thin; photographed, Mi 6X parameters dominant.

But Honor 9i’s real shot performance does not fall from the wind; hardware, Xiaomi Mi 6X Snapdragon 660 chip leading mid-range device performance List, Honor 9i upgrade GPU Turbo technology; system, the two mobile phones have demonstrated a mature and stable style of the factory, the function is not missing, Honor 9i certain features of the details of doing than the Mi 6X In place, the full-screen gestures of Mi 6X are excellent. Then, who should be chosen for Honor 9i and Xiaomi Mi 6X? Do you have an answer in mind?

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