Honor 9X Pro Gaming Review: Kirin 810, 4000mAh Large Battery


Honor held the Honor 9X series new product launch conference in Xi’an. This “daught is not to be low-key” conference, it brought consumers a product with long battery life and strong performance – Honor 9X Series phones.

The Honor 9X series is the first Honor mobile phone equipped with the Kirin 810 chip. It is also the first time to use the pop-up front-end Honor mobile phone. It is of great significance. On July 23, the IT home also brought the mobile phone to friends. Evaluation, in addition to the powerful parameter performance, the battery life also left a very deep impression on the author.

In terms of core parameters, the Honor 9X PRO is an example. It is equipped with the Kirin 810 processor and is built with the 7nm process. It is one of the only four 7nm mobile phone chips in the world.

On the core architecture, the Kirin 810 is equipped with two high-performance large cores based on Cortex-A76 custom development and six Cortex-A55 energy-efficient small cores, which are deeply optimized for the use scenarios of mobile terminals. Compared with the 4+4 traditional architecture design, the Kirin 810 adopts the 2+6 size and core matching. Under this architecture, flexible application of CPU resources can be deployed in combination with different applications to optimize the system energy consumption.

In the past two years, mobile games have become a long-standing topic in the smartphone market. “Honor of the King” and “Peace Elite” have occupied the MOBA and the chicken mobile game market. Recently, Tencent and Century Tiancheng launched the same. Running Kart has also become a phenomenon-level mobile game product. According to the author’s observation, the above three mobile games in the friends’ mobile phones must be equipped with one of them.

However, the above three mobile games are also the major consumers of mobile phones. Many friends around me vomit to the author, the mobile phone plays a few games of “eat chicken”, the mobile phone battery will fall down, always worried about playing and playing. The mobile phone automatically shuts down when there is no power, so the mobile power supply and the charging plug are always a way, but in fact, this also greatly reduces the gaming experience. At this time, the advantage of the long battery life of the large battery is highlighted.

We first tested the 1 hour and 30 minutes of “Peace Elite”, where we turned on the phone’s Bluetooth, location and data traffic and WiFi (not connected), the screen brightness is fixed at 50%, the sound is fixed at 50%.

“Peace Elite” opened the highest special effects and high frame rate, played a total of three games, just took 90 minutes, in this 90-minute high-intensity game, the Honor 9X PRO consumes 22% of the total power, the average game (30 minutes) The power consumption is about 7%. According to the IT home’s previous tests on other mobile phones, the 30-minute “Peace Elite” consumes at least 9% of electricity, that is, 30 minutes of “Peace Elite” game, Honor 9X PRO maintains at least 2% power advantage.

If you calculate the game’s power consumption by 22% in 90 minutes, then the Honor 9X PRO can guarantee the player’s continuous 6.8 hours of continuous game time. In addition, the IT House also tested the 35-minute “Kart Run” (played at least 7 innings), a total of 10% of power consumption, so the performance has been very good.

The picture above shows the power usage of the Honor 9X PRO. You can see that the last 15% of the battery was charged before the last charge or July 30. It can Honor for almost 13 hours.

In addition to long battery life, the Honor 9X PRO’s body heat dissipation performance is also outstanding, its “THE NINE liquid cooling” technology, large-diameter liquid cooling pipe longitudinally through the mobile phone cold zone and hot zone, easy to heat in games, navigation, etc. The heat is dissipated in the first time in the scene, and the core temperature is lowered by 5 °C*.

Verdict & Buy

As a high-end model, the Honor 9X Pro also has a built-in 4000mAh battery while ensuring the thickness and feel of the body. This is also the fundamental guarantee for the outstanding performance of the Honor 9X PRO in terms of battery life. In addition, the 7nm process of the Kirin 810 processor uses a 2+6 size core configuration to flexibly allocate CPU resources according to different application requirements, and finally achieve the powerful endurance performance of the Honor 9X PRO. For mobile game enthusiasts, if you want a “game” phone with both performance and endurance, then the Honor 9X PRO will be a good choice.


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