Honor has Confirmed that all Future Phones and Tablets will Support GMS Google


Last month, in response to questions from netizens, Honor Germany confirmed that the Honor 50 series will support the GMS Google service, which will have a significant impact on the mobile experience in overseas markets.

Yesterday, Honor executives confirmed to GSMArena that its mobile phones and tablets will support GMS Google service. Honor is currently undergoing a security review for Google’s Play Protect and will have older devices that support GMS Google service, although Honor has not disclosed which devices in which markets.

In January, Honor CEO Zhao Ming gave an interview to the South China Morning Post. Zhao Ming said in an interview that Honor is in talks with Google and hopes to resume its partnership with Google.

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Now that this major issue has been resolved, Honor phones can be pre-loaded with Google apps, including search, Google Maps, YouTube and, most importantly, the Google Play app store, which is great news for Honor’s overseas expansion.


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