Honor Hunter Notebook First Gaming Laptop officially Announced: Equipped With Intel CPU


Honor officially announced the product name of Honor’s first Gaming Notebook-HONOR HUNTER, the Chinese name is “Honor Hunter Notebook”, and also announced the product logo.

This morning, @HONOR interacted with @Intel. There are “HONOR” and “INTEL” on the keyboard of the two games based on the Honor Hunter game, which is a metaphor for the classic elements of hunter and intel, such as lighting effects and “lights waiting for lights”, and high-profile interaction.

From this speculation, the Honor Hunter Notebook will be equipped with Intel processors, which should be the new tenth-generation Core series.

Prior to this, on the afternoon of July 30, the vice president of the Honor Business Department @ honor old bear once again broke the news on Weibo, and posted photos of the box of theHonor Gaming Notebook, and said that he would test the product in advance. On August 5th, @Glory Old Bear interacted with netizens on Weibo, stating that the Honor Gaming Notebook is “very dazzling and much thinner than expected.”

Based on the interaction between Honor executives and netizens, the Honor Gaming Notebook is excellent in CPU performance, heat dissipation, playability, and appearance. It can be said to be a bucket notebook with no shortcomings.

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The price-performance ratio of Honor MagicBook has always been good. I believe the price of the Honor Hunter Notebook will bring surprises? We will wait and see.


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