Honor Magic 5 vs Xiaomi Mi 13 Review: Which is the Better Smartphone for You?


When considering the purchase of a new smartphone, comparing and contrasting different models can help determine which phone is the best fit for you. In this case, we will compare the Honor Magic 5 and Xiaomi Mi 13 smartphones.

One significant factor that may influence your decision is the price. Although both models have a starting price of 3999 yuan, the cost of Honor under the same storage version is lower. Additionally, the directions of the two models are also different. The Honor Magic 5 is the flagship with a large curved screen, while the Mi 13 has a small square screen. In terms of configuration alone, the performance of the Mi 13 is more balanced. Both models use the Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor, and the difference in performance and power consumption is not very big. However, the large-size screen of the Honor Magic 5 provides a more comfortable view of the game and is more conducive to heat dissipation.

One of the most noticeable differences between the two models is the screen. The Mi 13 has a 6.36-inch direct-facing screen made of Samsung E6 material, with certain brightness and power consumption advantages. In contrast, the Honor Magic 5 is a domestically produced 6.73-inch curved screen, but its quality is relatively high. It supports a resolution of 2688X1224 and 1.07 billion colors, 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, etc. Coupled with the four-curved surface design, the performance of look and feel and color display is more prominent.

The cameras of both models are also essential factors to consider. The Mi 13 has a significant advantage in front-facing lens specifications with a 32-megapixel high-definition selfie camera. In comparison, the Honor Magic 5 has a 12-megapixel front-facing selfie lens. Both models are the primary camera of the Sony IMX800 sensor, of which the primary camera of Mi 13 supports OIS optical image stabilization, and the imaging stability is high. Secondly, the Honor Magi5 has a 50-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 32-megapixel telephoto lens, which is relatively high in specifications. In addition, Mi 13 has an image brain and Leica image blessing, and the imaging style can be switched freely, which is more suitable for users researching images. The Hawkeye algorithm can bring faster startup, photo taking, and focusing speeds, which are advantages of some lenses in the Honor Magic5.

The battery life of a smartphone is also a critical consideration. The Mi 13 is small, so it only has a 4500mAh battery, and the 67W wired + 50W wireless charging method is more comprehensive. In contrast, the Honor Magic 5 has a built-in 5100mAh battery with 66W wired flash charging, which is relatively balanced. In particular, the Honor Magic 5 body is only 7.8mm thick, making it one of the thinner flagship phones.

In conclusion, the Honor Magic 5 and Mi 13 smartphones are relatively good choices. The plane size and shape will affect the preferences of many users, and the Xiaomi Mi 13 has a more comprehensive configuration, while the Honor Magic 5 has better screen quality and battery life and is cheaper. Therefore, users who do not have an apparent demand for mobile phones choose the Honor Magic5. However, users with higher requirements for selfies and imaging color changes may consider the Mi 13.

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