Honor MagicBook X14 Review: All-Metal Thin and Doubled Efficiency


Today, the new member of the Honor MagicBook family also continues this advantage. The new MagicBook X14 not only has an exquisite, lightweight, and portable full screen + metal body but also supports multi-screen collaboration and convenient operations such as a one-touch connection for daily office work. Doubling efficiency is by no means a problem.

The Honor MagicBook X14 also inherits the genes of Honor’s full screen, with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 84%, coupled with the design of an all-metal body, and offers us a more refined product.

The notebook supports a maximum opening and closing angle of 180°, which can be better used to display and share scenes in the office. The 10th generation Core processor plus the shark fin 2.0 high-density S-type fan can ensure the stable, high-performance release and meet daily office needs, as well as light online games. There are also classic Honor MagicBook genes such as fingerprint power button, front hidden camera, and multi-screen collaboration, which greatly add points to the convenience of daily operations.

In addition, Honor MagicBook X14 has a built-in genuine Windows 10 system and Microsoft Office Home Edition and Student Edition 2019 genuine office software, covering classic Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other components, permanent authorization, safe and worry-free. It can provide users with comprehensive and stable daily office Guarantees.

Today, let’s experience the Honor MagicBook X14 together to see what kind of performance it has and how multi-screen collaboration has revolutionized daily office work.

Design & Appearance

The A-side design of Honor MagicBook X14 is straightforward. There is no extra decoration on the matte metal surface. There is only an HONOR bright metal LOGO, which is low-key and more business-oriented.

The screen of the Honor MagicBook X14 adopts a full-screen design. By designing the microphone, front camera, and other components in other positions, the three sides of the frame are extremely narrow, achieving a screen-to-body ratio of up to 88%. The Honor MagicBook X14 is equipped with a full-size keyboard, so you don’t have to worry about accidental touch and other issues when you enter text daily.

The classic two-in-one design of the fingerprint power button can complete fingerprint authentication simultaneously by turning on/lighting the screen conveniently and safely. A push-type hidden camera is hidden in the keyboard, hidden in the keyboard when not in use. Physical shielding plays a role in protecting privacy.

There is a touch sticker on the lower right corner of the C side of the notebook. Touch this area with an Honor mobile phone that supports NFC function to quickly complete multi-screen collaborative pairing and experience the innovative operation of PC mobile phone interconnection.

In terms of interfaces, the number of interfaces on the Honor MagicBook X14 is quite satisfactory. The Type-C interface on the left is mainly used for power supply and can also take on data transmission. There are USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports on the left and right, in addition to an HDMI port and a 3.5mm audio port.

The Honor MagicBook X14 comes standard with a compact 65W power adapter with a C-mount design, which can power the notebook and fast charge mobile phones and tablets. One charger can satisfy all devices when going out.

Performance Test

We received the highest version of Honor MagicBook X14, which is equipped with i5-10210U and provides 16GB dual-channel memory and 512GB solid-state. Although the i5-10210U is not the latest processor, it still performs well. For a thin and light mobile office notebook, there is no problem in meeting daily performance requirements.

Comprehensive performance test

Hardware dog

Hardware Doggo is a professional hardware detection and running score tool produced by the driver’s house, which is very suitable for mainstream PC players.

Relying on fast technology, self-developed algorithms, and authoritative test modules such as 3DMark can quickly, accurately, and comprehensively detect the overall configuration of PCs and conduct individual and comprehensive tests on the computer’s CPU processor, GPU graphics card, memory, and hard disk. Machine performance, and through the global performance rankings, you can know your performance level at a glance.

Through the hardware dog test, the Honor MagicBook X14 has a CPU score of 44880 points, a graphics card score of 12435 points, a memory score of 30326 points, a hard disk score of 43490 points, and the overall score of the whole machine is 131131 points, which ranks more than 37% in the database. The user, in the notebook, has reached the entry-level and can meet the needs of the mobile office.

Master Lu

Using another comprehensive testing tool Master Lu to test performance, Honor MagicBook X14’s processor scored 247,630 points, graphics card performance scored 86,698 points, memory scored 101149 points, hard disk scored 156,707 points. The comprehensive Xinhe scored 592,184 points, exceeding 51 points nationwide. % Of users, there is absolutely no problem with daily office work, and games like “League of Legends” can also be easily competent.

Two, PCMark10

What is a good PCMark 10 score? For general PC use that covers various simple tasks, a score of 4100 or higher is recommended. For typical office work and light media content, a score of 4500 or higher is recommended. For editing photos, videos, or other digital content, a score of 3450 or higher is recommended.

According to the official PCMark10 standard, the Honor MagicBook X14’s score of 4674 has met the needs of typical office work, light media content editing, and general PC use covering simple tasks. But don’t think too much about the game. After all, the Honor MagicBook X14 uses a nuclear display, so large-scale 3D games will inevitably fail.

Image performance test

Use online games to test the performance of Honor MagicBook X14 in the game. In the highest-quality “League of Legends” game, the Honor MagicBook X14 can maintain a frame rate of around 77FPS even when laning, which is enough to ensure that the entire game can run smoothly. Like “League of Legends”, “Heartstone,” and other games that do not require high performance, the Honor MagicBook X14 can guarantee smooth operation. It is also good to occasionally relax and entertain when using the notebook daily.

Memory performance test

The Honor MagicBook X14 is equipped with two 2400 MHz DDR4 memories with a read speed of 34155 MB/s, a write speed of 34786 MB/s, a copy speed of 30082 MB/s, and a latency of 61.7ns. For daily use applications, higher memory speed will make the program respond more smoothly.

Solid-State Speed ​​Test

The solid-state model of Honor MagicBook X14 is SN730, and the speed is also awe-inspiring. Continuous read speed can reach 3370 MB/s; continuous write speed is 2705 MB/s, 4K random read speed 52.87 MB/s, 4K random write speed 181.3 MB/s, daily opening applications, and moving files will be faster.

Multi-screen collaboration

The operation of the mobile phone desktop under the multi-screen collaboration will be faithfully mapped in the window.

The Honor MagicBook X14 supports an upgraded version of the multi-screen collaboration. It has added a major upgrade of “three windows co-opening” on the original basis. It can open independent applications of three mobile phones on the PC screen simultaneously and support one main window and two sub-windows—collaborative work.

Before experiencing multi-screen collaboration, it is natural to complete the pairing between the mobile phone and the computer. The Honor MagicBook X14 supports a classic one-touch transmission connection. As long as your Honor phone supports NFC function, you can replace the tedious search and connection steps with the “touch one-touch” action.

The multi-screen collaboration mode, text, pictures, and other files can be dragged and transferred from PC to mobile phone or from mobile phone to PC. Each window can be closed and other operations, allowing you to easily “multi-purpose”.

In the daily office, it is inevitable to receive all kinds of information and pay attention to all kinds of news. With the upgraded version of multi-screen collaboration, you can simultaneously operate computer documents, view mobile WeChat messages, and participate in snap-ups on mobile e-commerce platforms such as JD.com and Taobao. Compared with the web version, these mobile apps are more adaptable to narrow and long window layouts and can best display efficiency when working with multiple windows.

In addition to interaction, history records such as file transfers and clipboards between mobile phones and PC devices will also be kept in the computer manager. The text and picture editing records between the PC and the mobile phone can all be connected in this way. The content of the mobile terminal operation can be quickly shared to the PC terminal with the help of the shared clipboard.

5. Heat dissipation and battery life test:

Bake machine heat dissipation test

The thin and light metal book also has excellent productivity! Honor MagicBook X14 evaluation: multi-screen collaboration allows you to double the efficiency

Using the AIDA 64 system stability test, the single-baked FPU test makes the Honor MagicBook X14 run a full load. In the initial stage, the CPU power consumption can reach 45W short-term turbo frequency power consumption, and then it will gradually decrease and finally stabilize at 20W. The CPU core frequency is stable at 2.8GHz, and the temperature is the only 71°C.

Endurance test

The thin and light metal book also has excellent productivity! Honor MagicBook X14 evaluation: multi-screen collaboration allows you to double the efficiency

The Honor MagicBook X14 is equipped with a 57Wh battery, guaranteeing a good battery life when the scheduling is optimized. In the PCMark10 modern office test, the Honor MagicBook X14 in the scheduling mode of 50% brightness and priority battery life power strategy, the battery life can reach 12 hours, which is enough to meet the needs of going out and using the whole day.

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The thin and light metal book also has excellent productivity! Honor MagicBook X14 evaluation: multi-screen collaboration allows you to double the efficiency

The Honor MagicBook X14 may not provide the latest configuration, but it still guarantees the best experience. Whether it is a thin and portable body, the immersion brought by the full screen, and the really convenient multi-screen collaboration, they are all advantages that cannot be ignored.

As a productivity tool for a mobile office, the multi-screen collaboration function of Honor MagicBook X14 can greatly improve the cross-platform use experience of traditional PC phones and has the effect of multiplying productivity. In the past, the interaction between many devices required cumbersome click operations. Still, nowadays, connections can be completed with just one touch, and file transfer can only drag and drop. Simple operation steps can save time and further improve the efficiency of the daily office.

The integrated design of the fingerprint power button can also improve the smoothness of daily computer wake-up and unlock operations. Turn on and unlock the phone in one go, which is not only fast but also safe. In addition, with a 56Wh battery, the battery life is excellent enough, and the battery life can reach 12 hours in modern office mode, and there is no need to worry about battery life during the whole day. The support of the Wi-Fi 6 wireless network and the 65W fast charging available for mobile phones and PCs are also extremely convenient and cannot be ignored.

For a long time, the hardware configuration has never represented the ultimate experience of a device. Only the combination of software and hardware and mutual optimization can bring real improvements to the experience of daily use. The Honor MagicBook X14 with a multi-screen collaboration function also makes an entry-level configuration of a thin and light notebook with real productivity. If you want to experience the convenience of multi-screen collaboration, then the Honor MagicBook X14, which can be purchased for only 2999 yuan during the 618 periods, is a well-deserved entry choice and should not be missed.

Update on Aug.31, 2021

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