Honor Note 10 Vs Apple iPhone X: Design, Specs, Camera, Game, Battery and Other Comparison


Another member of Huawei’s Honor sub-brand has launched recently, dubbed as the Honor Note 10 – it’s a phablet phone. Next to the iPhone X (it is spoken “ten”), which has also been winning the public and has achieved 85% satisfaction among consumers. But do you really get twice the phone for the price? Let’s take a look at both the Honor Note 10 and the iPhone X to see how they stack up against each other.

The first comparison is the front screen. Honro Note 10 has a 6.95-inch AMOLED screen while the iPhone X feature a 5.8-inch OLED screen. From the visual impact point of view, the big screen of the Honor Note 10 is obviously better. The iPhone X uses the bangs shaped screen design and the Honor Note 10 uses a symmetrical upper and lower screen design. The top bar and the chin are narrow and symmetrical, taking into account both the aesthetics and the daily horizontal grip.

On the back, Honor Note 10 and iPhone X are made of glass back cover technology, Honor Note 10 has two colors that are magic night black and phantom blue, while iPhone X comes in just black and white.

The Honor Note 10 is based on the design of 2.5D streamer glass, which shines under the light. From the different perspectives, its back can show different light flow, compared to the back cover of iPhone X. The ID design is a bit flat.

On the feel, Honor Note 10 gave me no surprise, because my hand is relatively small, I always feel that one-handed holding is not good before I pick up Honor Note 10, but in fact, I found that I can grab it just my one hand. After my experience, I found that having such a grip experience depends on two details:

One is thin, the Honor Note 10 body thickness is only 7.65mm thick, this data is already good in large-screen Smartphones.

The second is that the front and rear 2.5D round glass ID design has further improved the grip feel, and the glass at the edge of the fuselage has been polished and processed, which is not as sturdy as other models.

GPU Turbo performance bucks – very stable

After finishing the appearance, let’s talk about Turbo, one of the highlights feature of Honor Note 10. In addition to the GPU Turbo that was launched before, it added a new CPU Turbo. The GPU Turbo technology that was launched at the recently in Honor Play conference plus this time has a more complete functional experience on the Honor Note 10.

Honor Note 10 designed a CPU Turbo button specifically at the lower right side of the fuselage

Press the Turbo button in the game, the system will have a drop-down menu, then you can click to open the CPU Turbo mode. Honor Note 10 is a dual Turbo blessing, GPU Turbo is enabled by default, and CPU Turbo is when you need to press this button to open this mode.

After the CPU Turbo acceleration, the Honor Note 10 background process will be intelligently cleaned, which will stimulate the CPU to achieve the best performance in various environments. Thanks to nine liquid cooling technology, the CPU can run stably at high frequencies, even in the face of a large number of calculations and re-modeling tasks caused by a large number of game screen switching, the system can be handled more easily, so the game’s jitter rate is lower, the game is more smooth.

In addition to the CPU Turbo mode switch, there are bright color mode and DND and screen recording functions. I am curious about this bright color mode. After repeatedly turning it off, I found that this bright color mode is really good and can optimize the color of the game screen. More vivid and rich, the details of some game screens are also reflected by the increase in brightness. It is worth noting that it can also be used as a camera button in camera mode.

Since iPhone X doesn’t have a similar game mode, we don’t compare it, but it is obvious that Honor Note 10 is better and more perfect in the user’s game experience. After experiencing the big screen game of Honor Note 10, it is difficult to iPhone X raise interest.

Game performance, after testing Honor Note 10 and iPhone X are both in a high frame rate and high level.

In particular, the CPU Turbo’s Honor Note 10 has been more stable in the 20-minute King’s Glory game, which has been floating around 60 frames, while the iPhone X maintains a high level of performance, but at some critical moments, there will be frame rate. In the case of 57, 58.

After our observation, in the time of playing the glory of the king for 20 minutes, playing the big dragon and the small-scale friction with the other side and the large-scale team battle Honor Note 10 are forbidden to test.

After the game, the temperature test was carried out according to the usual practice. The temperature of the Honor Note 10 made me more surprised. It was only 34.5 degrees in the district because I used the iPhone X to play the glory of the king. Although the fluency is comparable, playing with the iPhone X is really hot. This feeling of warmth is really amazing. What I learned later is that Honor actually made some “small action” Honor inside the fuselage.

Honor Note 10 used 9 layers of three-dimensional heat dissipation. The fuselage built-in 113mm long liquid-cooled pipe runs through the hot and cold zone, and the maximum temperature can be lowered to exaggerated 10 Degree, the heat dissipation capacity increased by 41%, no wonder I said how it would behave so abnormally. It turned out to be an Honor and a scary process. The official called this technology The Nine liquid cooling technology.

Game Endurance Test: Honor Note 10 wins without controversy

In terms of battery life, while the gaming in one-hour period Honor Note 10 has only lost about 10% charging, and the iPhone X lost 40%! Being able to have such excellent endurance performance is not only due to the 5000mAh battery, but also thanks to EMUI’s scheduling optimization.

Charging speed comparison: iPhoneX can’t see the taillights of Honor Note 10

How long can the battery life be so fast? The Honor Note 10 is equipped with a SuperCharge technology.

Power adapter comparison, Honor Note 10 parameters are 5V/2A, 4.5V/5A, 5V4.5A. Apple’s power adapter is relatively cold, only 5V / 1A, Apple users need to spend hundreds of additional fast chargers to support fast charging if they need to charge quickly.

Through testing, we can also see the difference in charging between the two, and the actual test data reflects all of this:

It is reasonable to say that the smaller the capacity, the faster the full speed should be, but from the test results, the 5000mAh battery of Honor Note 10 actually opened the iPhone X with only 2716mAh in the charging speed, and it took only 1.7 hours to complete. The charging process from 0 to 100, and it took the iPhone X nearly 3 hours to complete the charging from 0 to 100.

Here can be a small summary of the Honor Note 10 compared to iPhone X game performance and battery charging performance, the Honor Note 10 because of the dual Turbo and THE NINE liquid cooling technology blessing compare iPhone X does not fall, and battery life and fast the stunning performance of the Honor Note 10 makes it win without any suspense.

Honor Note 10 can have such excellent performance in terms of battery life. In fact, it is largely due to GPU Turbo technology, that EMUI handles between GPU and CPU. The usual graphics processing framework has been rebuilt to realize the collaborative processing of software and hardware. This also greatly improves the overall efficiency of the GPU graphics operation of the Kirin 970, and the power consumption can be improved while the image quality and performance are simultaneously improved. Control drops, breaking the unequal performance and power consumption.

Camera comparison – AI scene optimization works

After talking about the performance, let’s take camera samples, Honor Note 10 camera has the upgrade, front 13MP and it also has a dual 24MP camera and 16MP rear, both with f / 1.8 aperture. In theory, Honor 10 manages to make larger images, which can favor resolution.

At this time, the scene was the bus stop. The Honor Note 10 fixed the scene on the bus platform, and the surrounding area was blurred to a certain extent. The poster of Honor Note 10 on the main bus station was highlighted, but the iPhone X did not recognize it. My intention is to display all the screens of the viewfinder without layering.

When shooting an arch similar to the ancient buildings, the Honor Note 10 camera automatically identifies optimization AI

The current scene will be displayed on the camera. At this time, the AI algorithm built into the Honor Note 10 will start to show its great power. The historical heavy sense of the ancient building archway is optimized. The AI double camera can be so powerful, actually through the NPU and AI algorithms.

Together, the Honor NPU built on the Kirin 970 in Note 10, don’t underestimate the NPU. It can help the phone to more accurately and quickly identify the shooting scene, allowing the phone to choose the most appropriate image processing algorithm. Compared to the iPhone X’s light imaging effect, I prefer the Honor Note 10’s AI recognition to optimize imaging performance.

This subject is a sample of the blue sky, Honor Note 10 is closer to the real sky blue and its details is slightly stronger than the iPhone X

Look at another scene, Honor Note 10 compare to iPhone X in the image cleanliness, obviously better than iPhone X, observe the surrounding characters, plants, signs can be found, Honor Note 10 for the details and color of the object is optimized, the color is more beautiful and eye-catching, The details are complete. In fact, the user is most likely to feel the most intuitive experience brought by AI, which is the AI algorithm recognition optimization on the camera. When shooting objects/views/environments, the AI automatically recognizes the current scene, and ordinary users use AI to help make large-scale photos. It is no longer unusual.

Surprisingly effect stereo speakers

As we said before, Honor Note 10 is an all-around flagship Smartphone for games, entertainment, and business. So symmetric stereo dual speakers are indispensable. The stereo speakers claimed by ordinary phones actually use the earpiece as a speaker to make sounds. It’s not really a dual stereo speaker. This time, Honor Note 10 breaks through the limitations of the internal structure of the fuselage, and the other side of the fuselage design is equipped with a speaker.

When looking at the video, I will be both speakers compared the performance is better Honor Note 10, two surround speakers either side, a big voice but also to ensure the quality, it really is not the same independent sound chamber. The iPhone X has not been smashed by the Honor Note 10 too much, but unfortunately, the sound quality of the speaker replaced by the iPhone X receiver was lost to the independent speaker at the top of the Honor Note 10.

According to the understanding of Honor Note 10 also supports Dolby panoramic stereo sound and Dolby AC-4 encoding, and currently Huawei video also has built a lot of Dolby and HDR audio and video resources, the future will be more promising in the playback experience, while iPhone X also promotes Said to have Dolby sound but I clearly feel the lack of resources and experience in the experience.

Business Temperament

Well, performance, entertainment, we have talked about, then how is this feature of business reflected in the Honor Note 10? Let’s look at it together:

The first is the big screen. The big screen can bring more than just the rich experience of games and entertainment. At work, you can report the work with the boss while reading the information, while checking the report and speaking with the client. Usually, the view table document display area is also larger.

The most important thing is that the Honor Note 10 has added the PC mode, and the phone becomes a computer with a lighter office when it is simply connected to the monitor.

Sending emails, writing documents, making forms, reading the news, you can do all the things on the mobile phone, and can do things on the PC. The efficiency of mobile business office in PC mode can be said to be 200% crazy.

At this time, the mobile phone can be transformed into a touch panel. One hand clicks the left button of the mouse, and the double click replaces the drag and drop selection function of the mouse. The two-finger tap is the right mouse button and the two fingers slowly slide the scrolling page.

I gradually began to move the daily office operations to the PC mode on the Honor Note 10, and with the mouse and keyboard, I found no sense of violation. Daily form mail document processing can be completed in PC mode, and it will be more convenient and quicker to support wireless PC mode projection in the future. On the other hand, iPhone X can’t do this easily in this respect.

AI benchmark Score

People who clamored for AI uselessness a few years ago are now enjoying the convenience and efficient product experience brought about by artificial intelligence. The plausible argument has been turned into two words “true incense”. The AI on the Honor Note 10 continues to evolve.

On the AI performance score, Honor Note 10 scored the world leaderboard with an AI performance score of 1334 points, while the iPhone X only got 925 points in the district, ranking 44th. From the actual experience, you can also feel the difference in the frequency and extent of the use of AI between the two machines in various scenarios.

In the comparison of network speed, we still compare Honor Note 10 with iPhone X

Using speed test network speed measurement software for speed measurement, the same WIFI network environment is used for the same speed measurement server for speed measurement. The result is comparable in network speed, but the Honor Note 10 is 85.2Mbps, which is better than iPhone X. The 3-millisecond delay beat the 17 milliseconds iPhone X.


The Honor Note 10 is a versatile flagship of all aspects. Compared with iPhone X, the features and selling points of Honor Note 10 may not be written down in this article. The performance is stable and strong, and the system features are rich and practical for different people.

All have corresponding features, the camera is comparable to the iPhone X, and surpassed the iPhone X in battery life, fast charge, and AI. This is a flagship Smartphone with strong practicality and obvious functions for the crowd.

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