Honor Smartband 5: Blood Oxygen Detection Function, New Trend of 2019 Wearables


Zhao Ming, the president of Honor, exposed the upcoming Honor Smartband 5 on Weibo. From the real shot of Weibo, it still uses large-size color screen and independent touch button design, but the new blood oxygen detection The function has aroused the author’s curiosity. It seems that Honor bracelet 5 will bring new health detection functions based on the previous support of heart rate monitoring.

For the human body, oxygen is transported through hemoglobin in the blood, and the oxygen content in the blood reflects the level of human health. Saturation of blood oxygen is an important physiological parameter reflecting respiratory and circulatory functions. Therefore, the monitoring of blood oxygen saturation is very common in medical applications such as internal medicine, surgery, and intensive care unit. Clinically, it is generally greater than 90%.

Low blood oxygen saturation is related to many factors. Once the oxygen saturation is too low, it means that human health is affected. If fatigue is weak, attention is not concentrated, and resistance is reduced, then There are shortness of breath, chest tightness and shortness of breath, affecting the brain, and a series of serious consequences such as sudden cardiac arrest, myocardial failure, and blood circulation failure.

Blood oxygen health is closely related to everyone, so who is prone to hypoxia, need to pay special attention to their blood oxygenation? Snoring crowds: Snoring is a problem that many people will have and the most easily overlooked. Snoring may cause short-term or long-term respiratory obstruction, which may lead to hypoxia, which may lead to poor sleep quality and even organ damage.

High-altitude hypoxia people: Many people like mountain climbing. When they went climbing the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the past few days, they had altitude sicknesses such as difficulty in breathing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. In fact, the altitude sickness is caused by insufficient oxygen supply to the brain caused by hypoxia. The brain is deprived of oxygen. Fortunately, I bought a portable oxygen cylinder under the mountain to relieve the symptoms of this altitude sickness.

Since blood oxygen is so important, why has blood oxygen testing been not popular? The most common detection method on the market is the use of finger-type electro-optic sensors for monitoring. The equipment is expensive and difficult to implement.

The new blood oxygen detection function of the Honor Bracelet 5 is undoubtedly satisfying the needs of more people to test blood samples on a daily basis. It is easy to wear and view at any time, making blood oxygen detection more convenient. Honor Bracelet 5 optimizes the hardware optical path and algorithm through depth, multi-source fusion, using the characteristics of different absorption and absorption rates of specific light by oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin, and performs signal extraction, signal enhancement, algorithm training, abnormal suppression, and other measures. To pulse oximetry, pay attention to blood oxygen health in real-time.

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Last year, Honor Smartband 4 led the bracelet industry into the era of color screens, opening the color era of color wrists; this year’s Honor Bracelet 5 was unveiled as the first wristband wearable device with integrated blood oxygen function, and it will definitely pick up intelligence again. The new trend of wearable devices, it is reported that this bracelet will be released with the Honor 9X mobile phone on July 23, looking forward to bring more surprises.

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