Honor V30 Pro VS iPhone 11 Cameras Comarsion: Dark Light Test!


Honor released its first 5G flagship Honor V30 series, which is not only the cheapest dual-mode 5G mobile phone at present, but also set a benchmark for the 5G mobile phone in the 3,000 yuan range.

In addition to Kirin 990+, Barron 5000’s dual 7nm process 5G mobile phone solution, Honor V30 also launched the Matrix Camera camera matrix-a systemic framework of software and hardware collaboration, which is also the future direction of Honor’s exploration in the imaging field.

Zhao Ming said at the press conference that taking pictures is a comprehensive and balanced comprehensive experience. Take pictures fast, what you see is what you get, and the comprehensive experience is better. Honor will insist on the combination of software and hardware to the extreme, and consider the aperture and bottom (CMOS). ) And the problem of pixels, this is a synthesis.

The camera matrix of the Honor V30 series is about balance and deep integration through chips, algorithms, and optical systems, breaking the linear development mode of stacked optics and making breakthroughs in imaging capabilities.

The Honor V30 PRO is equipped with a Matrix Camera multi-dimensional camera matrix, which has made breakthroughs in camera hardware specifications, especially the first time it is equipped with an IMX600 main camera that was previously only seen in Huawei Mate series and P series.

At night due to the weakening of the light, the strength of the camera hardware and algorithm will completely tear the shame cloth under sufficient light during the day, especially, in contrast, it will be more vividly exposed. Next, we compared the night shot with the Honor V30 PRO and iPhone11, one of Apple’s flagship series of the year.

The following comparison proofs, iPhone 11 without camera watermark are straight out. Both proofs are straight out in automatic mode without any post-processing :

The Honor V30 PRO is equipped with a 40MP ultra-sensitive lens. Thanks to the new RYYB filter array design with a large aperture of f / 1.6, a single pixel of 2.0μ, it incorporates more light than previous works, and the ISO is as high as 409600.

OIS four-axis optical image stabilization is added to the 40MP main lenses and 8MP telephoto lens to ensure that the camera can still maintain stable imaging in a jittering environment so that there is almost no blurring in handheld shooting.

At the same time, the Honor V30 PRO comes with hardware-level HDR, which can identify a wider color gamut and brightness range. When the difference between light and dark in the shooting environment is large, clearly visible dark details can be retained.

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