Honor Watch ES Review: 1.64-Inch AMOLED, 95 Sports Modes


Honor announced its first square-screen design watch Honor Watch ES. This watch is the first to innovate in appearance. It is a breakthrough equipped with a large 1.64-inch square screen with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 70%. One screen can be operated to browse more content information.

Based on Honor’s technology accumulation in the field of smartwatch equipment upgrades and iterations, Honor Watch ES is equipped with professional and comprehensive monitoring technology in health management, sports data, etc. It is a “health management + fashion big screen”. Smart wear equipment. Today, let’s join the editor to get acquainted with this little friend on the wrist.

Of course, this design is not to deliberately seek differences in order to create differences. According to Honor, through a lot of data verification, the 30mm watch body width is the most suitable size for the smartwatch, which can balance the wearing experience and display effect to the greatest extent.

In addition to the just-right narrow body to reduce wearing discomfort, the Honor Watch ES also uses lightweight materials. The weight of the watch (excluding the strap) is as light as 21g, which is almost similar to some bracelet products and is difficult for users to notice.

In a horizontal comparison, the maximum weight of the fifth-generation Apple Watch can be close to 50 grams, which is conceivable. So after the extreme compression of volume and weight, will the specific experience and functions of Honor Watch ES be affected? We started today’s evaluation with this question.

Honor ES Watch Design & Appearance

After seeing the cookie-cutter round watches and Apple Watch’s “inverted” square watches, the long and large-screen square watches such as Honor Watch ES look fresh and eye-catching at first glance. feel.

The Honor Watch ES currently has three colours: Iceland White, Meteorite Black, and Coral Pink. The author has the Meteorite Black version. The watch is relatively simple. A button with red accents is placed on the right side of the watch body without any other decoration.

For the screen, Honor Watch ES uses a 1.64-inch square AMOLED large screen, 326PPI just meets the retina screen standard, so the display effect is quite delicate.

It is worth noting that, in order to better touch, the entire screen of Honor Watch ES has undergone 2.5D arc processing, and the overall sliding feel is quite good.

Health Function Experience

As a new ecology different from mobile phones, how to maximize the subdivision function in the off-screen state is the core competitiveness of an excellent smartwatch.

The fast pace of work and life of modern people, high pressure, exercise and health have become the two keywords that everyone pays the most attention to, and they are also the two most focused use scenarios of Honor Watch ES. Here we first talk about the experience of the health management function.

Heart rate detection

The Honor Watch ES is equipped with the new HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology. Compared with the previous solution, this technology is mainly different from the dual-receiving light module (most bracelet watches only have one light-receiving module). Under the same conditions, the dual-receiving light module requires lower luminescence, lower power consumption, and stronger penetrating power, so the light is easier to penetrate into the blood. At the same time, Honor Watch ES also provides a heart rate comparison table, which makes it clear at a glance what kind of heart rate can meet the health standard.

It is worth mentioning that Honor Watch ES has now also in-depth cooperation with 301 Hospital to help screen the heart for atrial fibrillation and premature beats. Generally speaking, 100% of patients with heart disease will have atrial fibrillation and premature beats in the early stage, and this phenomenon is not only in the elderly. Nowadays, white-collar workers have increased work pressure and staying up late, which will also have a great impact on heart health.

Since October 2018, 301 Hospital has initiated a heart health research project based on Honor and Huawei’s HiResearch innovative research platform and smart wear. As of February 29, 2020,, 1.11 million+ people have joined the study, and have been screened by the Heart Health Research APP There are 2457 high-risk users, which means that Honor Watch ES can bring practical effects in health monitoring.

Spo2 monitoring

Blood oxygen monitoring has been applied to bracelets and watch products by Honor last year. Its working principle is to use the characteristics of different reflection and absorption rates of oxygenated haemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin to specific light for signal extraction, signal enhancement, and algorithm training. , Abnormal inhibition, so as to measure the pulse oximetry saturation, and provide a reference value at the same time. While Honor Watch ES measures blood oxygen saturation, it also provides current heart rate parameters.

Pressure monitoring

It needs to be calibrated for the first use, and it can be used directly thereafter. The Honor Watch ES combined with HUAWEI Trurelax pressure monitoring can effectively provide pressure conditions, and the pressure monitoring will be all-weather in future use. Tell you how the current pressure is in real-time.

Sleep monitoring

Honor Watch ES is based on heart rate and motion sensors, combined with the HUAWEI TruSleep sleep monitoring algorithm, to accurately identify deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement, awakening, and sporadic naps, and record them to monitor sleep quality throughout the process and real-time heart rate monitoring, Sleep breathing quality and data analysis, score sleep quality, provide sleep advice and sleep guidance.

Women’s menstrual period guidance

The female menstrual cycle management function of Honor Watch ES can obtain calendar and cycle forecasts such as menstrual period length and cycle length, so that female user can know their menstrual health well. At the same time, it also includes menstrual reminder and fertility reminder functions to help plan the baby’s Women better manage their menstrual periods and help prepare for pregnancy.

User experience

Animated fitness personal training can be regarded as a rather unique exercise function on Honor Watch ES. This is the first time we have seen that the watch has 12 built-in animated fitness courses, suitable for office and home scenes, and contains 44 standardized fitness exercises that can be followed. Fitness animation on the watch does exercise.

The user clicks the small I button of a specific fitness course to view the detailed action requirements of each type of guidance. The details include name, duration, difficulty, detailed action (animation) and requirements (time or duration); after clicking on an action, you can preview the specific action, and support scrolling up and down to view other actions.

During the experience, we found that before switching actions, Yao Watch ES will give out a vibration reminder and provide a preview of the next action; during exercise, you can click to switch the previous/next action; during exercise, you can check the current by swiping up the screen Heart rate value, heart rate zone, calorie consumption and exercise time.

After the exercise, the watch can view the exercise time, calories burned, heart rate curve, heart rate interval data records. If you feel that the watch is inconvenient to operate, the data will be synchronized to the sports health app after the exercise, and you can view the exercise record through the sports health app on the mobile phone and even share it on social platforms.

Honor ES Watch Battery Life

Limited by physical size and chip power consumption, battery life has always been a pain point for smartwatches. Many excellent products including Apple Watch also perform poorly. Under heavy use, they can generally only last for one day, which is basically the level of one charge per day. Frequent charging frequency makes smartwatches not only fail to improve the intelligent quality of life but also become a burden. After more than 1 day and 9 hours, power consumption is 22%

Long battery life is a major feature of Honor Watch ES. Under heavy use, the power consumption is 22% after 1 day and 9 hours. Therefore, it is expected that there is no problem with heavy use for a week. From this point of view, there is no need to charge during long-distance business trips, which greatly improves the convenience and safety of use, especially in the process of the airplane and high-speed rail journeys.

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In the past, smartwatches were nothing more than two types: one was a “large bracelet” with a circular design, which could achieve long battery life while retaining some interactions; the other was a “wristband” with a square design. It has a wide range of intelligent interactive functions, and even installs and uninstalls APP, but the battery life is poor, which typically represents Apple’s Apple Watch. Honor Watch ES breaks this unspoken rule. Based on the lightness of the traditional bracelet version, it has become a smartwatch between “large bracelet” and “wrist phone”, taking into account multiple needs.

First of all, Honor Watch ES has a large 1.47-inch AMOLED screen, and its information display and visual experience are definitely not comparable to bracelets, and ordinary bracelets only support single heart rate detection, while Honor Watch ES supports continuous heart rate detection and display.

It is worth noting that during the experience, we found that the 30mm watch width of the Honor Watch ES is only slightly larger than the watch bandwidth, making it more comfortable to wear, and it is not easy to produce pressure between the watch and the wrist during exercise.

Sports and health management functions have always been a major feature of Honor smart wearable devices, and there is no discount on the Honor Band ES, which is so compressed in size and weight. It fully supports the four items of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep, and stress. Routine detection, when the heart rate is too high or too low, it will vibrate to remind, the smart sleep alarm clock will intelligently wake up according to the sleep state. Honor Watch ES also supports heart health premature beats/atrial fibrillation screening and sleep apnea screening in cooperation with 301 Hospital. Data records and improvement plans are also more accurate.

In terms of sports, Honor Watch ES supports 95 sports modes and 12 fitness courses, but it does not have an independent GPS. It cannot record tracks without a mobile phone. Others such as distance, pace, calories burned, etc. can be recorded independently. After exercise, watch or View sports data on your mobile phone and support sharing on social software. The most important thing is that even heavy tossing can last for a week of battery life to provide a guarantee for rest assured.

In general, Honor Watch ES is in line with our impression of Honor smart wearable devices, and its health management, battery life, quality, and workmanship continue to dominate. Due to the size limitation, there is no independent GPS and music cannot be stored independently, but it can also meet most of the needs in sports and is suitable for users who have a rigid need for a light wearing experience and care about their health.


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