Honor Watch GS Pro Review: 100+ Sports Modes, GPS, AMOLED Display


Honor finally launched a professional-grade work Honor Watch GS Pro. This is Honor’s first smart outdoor sports watch, and it will also be a brand new product series.

The watch has a rare 25-day long battery life, 14 military-standard qualities, and more than 100 sports modes including mountaineering and skiing, as well as health management functions, and even safety reminders. It is worth noting that the Honor GS Pro watch won the IFA outdoor creative wearable equipment gold award just after it was unveiled overseas and was affirmed. Obviously, it is more focused and specialized in outdoor sports than the Honor watch digital series we are familiar with.

In addition, it is also equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display that has passed the high-intensity quality standard test. It is divided into a sports version and active version. The former is available in three colours: carbon stone black, polar white and tidal blue, and is priced at 1599 yuan. Fast Technology has already obtained the polar white colour sports version. The following is our detailed evaluation experience.

Honor GS Pro Watch Design & Appearance

As Honor’s first outdoor sports smart watch for young people, and we have a sports version in our hands, we can feel that it is full of distinctive outdoor styles by looking at the appearance.

First look at the bezel. Different from ordinary watches, it has been specially etched and filled with oil for outdoor environments; the stainless steel bezel has undergone multiple processes such as highlighting/drawing/sandblasting, and the gear feel is multi-dimensional cutting, which is more glorious than the past. Watches are more powerful.

The side of the watch body has thin thread pull-through buttons, and the stainless steel button cut surface design echoes the delicate bezel. The larger button contact area is easy to use. The Honor Watch GS Pro uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED colour screen with a resolution of 454*454 and a PPI of 326. The display effect is clearer.

The reason why AMOLED screens are adopted is not only to pursue the visual perception of wide colour gamut, high contrast, and brilliant colours, but the ultra-thin characteristics of AMOLED screens also contribute to controlling the volume and weight of the body. As a professional outdoor watch, its length × width × height: 48mm × 48mm × 13.6mm, weighs about 45.5g (excluding strap), it is not heavy to wear.

The author is very concerned about the material of the watchband and the back case of the watch body. The reason is that the wrist was recently covered with a metal back case + ordinary silicone strap watch which made it itchy and red, and finally lost a little skin.

On the one hand, the weather is relatively hot, and the amount of sweat is relatively large, on the other hand, the metal back shell is gradually oxidized and becomes less skin-friendly. It is uncomfortable to match the silicone strap that does not fit the wrist.

The plastic back case of Honor Watch GS Pro + sports version of the fluoro rubber strap does not have this problem in actual experience, especially the fluoro rubber strap itself is denser than ordinary silicone wristbands, and feels better and softer. It can be bent at will, it will fit the curve of the wrist better when wearing it, and the skin-friendly comfort is better.

Honor Watch GS Pro supports the dial market function. Dials with a variety of styles and themes are available for users to choose and edit. It is worth mentioning that Honor Watch GS Pro has opened third-party dials. In addition to official themes, a large number of dials designed by third-party developers will continue to be launched.

Honor GS Pro Watch Sports Functions

The standard for judging whether an outdoor smartwatch is excellent is related to whether it is resistant to manufacture. After all, this is equipment that needs to be brought up to the mountains, the sea, and across the mountains. High temperature, high salt, low temperature and other harsh environments will inevitably not be encountered and can withstand It is necessary to live in various outdoor environments and ensure normal operation.

According to the official statement of Honor, Honor Watch GS Pro has passed 14 military quality standard tests, which are also tests that simulate extreme outdoor environments. This is what distinguishes it from ordinary smartwatches. It is a guarantee for freely responding to various complex outdoor environments, and it is also the basic plate of professional outdoor watches.

It is reported that the 14 military standards of Honor Watch GS Pro include: low air pressure (altitude) test, high-temperature test, low-temperature test, temperature shock test, solar radiation test, rain test, damp heat test, salt spray test, sand and dust test, Dipping test, vibration test, shock test, temperature-humidity-height test, fluid contamination test.

More than 100 sports modes

The previous generation of Honor Watch 2 only supported 15 sports modes at the beginning of its release. It has only been less than a year. The number of sports modes has exceeded 100, an increase of more than 7 times.

In the experience, we also found that these more than 100 sports types also support customization, and users can add or remove corresponding sports types as needed. Enter the exercise application, click “Add exercise”, you can choose to add the type of exercise you need to the list of “common exercise types”.

Click the settings button on the right side of the sport type you want to remove, enter the settings page, swipe down, and click Remove this sport to remove it from the list of “common sport types”.

Sports can be removed

The Honor Watch GS Pro supports more than 100 sports modes, which means that most people can find the corresponding sports modes on the Honor Watch GS Pro. These sports modes can be divided into 7 categories: fitness sports, leisure sports, ball sports, water sports, ice and snow sports, extreme sports and professional sports modes.

Professional sports modes include outdoor: running, walking, mountaineering, hiking, cross-country running, cycling, open water, triathlon, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing; indoor: walking, running, cycling, swimming pool, free 18 kinds of professional sports modes such as training, elliptical machine, rowing machine, etc.

More than 100 sport modes

For each exercise, the watch will record exercise time, calories, heart rate zone, exercise effect, recovery time and other data, which are clear at a glance, and can also generate a long picture with one key to share on the social platform.

It is worth mentioning that during the experience, we found that the Honor Watch GS Pro brings users a variety of sports mode automatic recognition experiences, such as outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, indoor running, elliptical machine and rowing machine. There is no need to perform any operation on the watch before exercise, just start the exercise, it will automatically start to recognize the exercise mode, the user only needs to confirm.

When the exercise is completed, the watch will suspend monitoring and generate a data report of this exercise to the user. The whole process is very smooth. In terms of details, the Honor Watch GS Pro is more intimate. For example, when running outdoors, the watch can provide data records of pace, cadence, etc., and give professional adjustment suggestions and recovery time suggestions after the end.

When exercising indoors, whether it is a rowing machine, elliptical machine, swimming pool, or treadmill running, there are also matching exercise modes. Users can switch at will according to their own sports. In addition, its waterproof level has reached 50 meters, and it can operate normally when worn to swimming pools or open waters.

During exercise, users can learn about the meaning of heart rate range, training effect, pace, cadence and other information in real-time, so as to adjust the exercise rhythm in time to avoid the risk of sports injury caused by problems such as excessive intensity or excessive exercise. Exercise habits.

It is an outdoor sports expert

When wearing the Honor Watch GS Pro in the field, the watch can automatically record and select reliable GPS positioning points; support the track return function, and the hardware of the mobile phone + watch will mutually help to establish the waypoint album; when the GPS signal is weak, there will be a reminder when the GPS is unreliable. ; In addition, users can zoom and move conveniently on the touch screen to view the entire movement track and return route.

Honor Watch GS Pro supports online/offline push of sunrise and sunset times, and even when there is no network in the wild or at sea, it will calculate the current sunrise and sunset times based on the current location of the last synchronization.

In some port cities, Honor Watch GS Pro can push high tide/ low tide information to users so that users can pay attention to tide changes. This watch can push eight types of moon phases based on calendar + location information offline/online, moonrise time, moonset time, moonlight area ratio, etc.

At the same time, the watch also supports severe weather reminders so that users can pay attention to weather changes in advance when exercising outdoors. Up the mountain and down the sea, the long voyage keeps on electricity.

Battery Life

In outdoor activities, the battery life of the watch is very important. For example, mountaineering will take longer and require higher physical fitness. If you bring an extra power bank to charge the watch, it will undoubtedly increase the burden and limit the burden.

Limited by physical size and chip power consumption, battery life has always been a pain point for smartwatches. Many excellent products including Apple Watch also perform poorly. Under heavy use, they can generally only last for one day, basically charging once a day. Level. Frequent charging frequency makes smartwatches no longer a “helper” in many cases and becomes a burden.

Long battery life has always been one of the distinguished selling points of Honor watch products in this field. Among them, the self-developed Kirin A1 chip and smart power-saving algorithms are indispensable. They improve battery life while taking into account the reduction of power consumption.

Up the mountain and down the sea, the long voyage keeps on electricity. After nearly a full day, the battery consumes only 6%. After the actual measurement, the Honor Watch GS Pro performs very well in battery life. The official information is that it has a battery life of 25 days. I haven’t had enough time to test it until it is dead. After fully charged, I wear it for a while.

Turn on the heart rate monitoring, push information, and turn on the GPS function. Under normal use, after nearly a full day, the Honor Watch GS Pro consumes only 6% of the battery. It seems that no matter how much you toss, it is no problem to insist on keeping the power on for half a month. of.

4. Daily use experience

Health monitoring has always been a major feature of Honor brand smartwatches, not just for outdoor sports, the daily use of Honor Watch GS Pro is also quite perfect.

Sitting for long periods of time brings many harms, especially now that many urban young white-collar workers often face the problems caused by sedentary sitting such as stiff shoulders and neck positions, round shoulders, and loose waist and abdomen. The Honor Watch GS Pro has a standing reminder function. If you sit for more than an hour, it will give a vibrating reminder. Proper activities can not only soothe the body and mind, but also effectively relieve the pressure on the lower limbs of prolonged sitting, and gradually help us develop good office habits.

At present, most smartwatches have added a heart rate monitoring function, but if it is only a simple display reading, the effect is actually limited. It is impossible for users to keep staring at their heart rate numbers, especially for bradycardia and heart failure. The risk may be unknown. If the smartwatch can actively remind based on the measured heart rate, the heart rate monitoring function can be maximized.

Honor Watch GS Pro supports high and low heart rate reminders, which can help users with bradycardia and heart failure intelligent monitoring. For example, when the heart rate is higher than 100 bpm or lower than 50 bpm in a static state and lasts for more than 10 minutes, the user will receive a notification, and the heart rate value and reminder switch can be set.

Up the mountain and down the sea, the long voyage keeps on electricity. The Honor Watch GS Pro also supports HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 to monitor sleep quality throughout the entire process, real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep breathing quality and data analysis, to score sleep quality, and to provide sleep advice and sleep guidance. Up the mountain and down the sea, the long voyage keeps on electricity.

The blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) single-shot detection function is also supported, allowing users to better understand their own health conditions, which is very suitable for snoring people, long-term mental workers and outdoor sportspeople. Up the mountain and down the sea, the long voyage keeps on electricity.

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If it was a few years ago, when everyone mentioned smartwatches, the first thing that came to mind might be Apple’s Apple Watch, but since Honor and other manufacturers entered the game, the competitive landscape of the smartwatch segment has been rewritten.

Obviously, Honor has taken a completely different path from Apple Watch. After multiple generations of product evolution, to the birth of a new series of new Honor watches, GS Pro, it has become a benchmark for long battery life, outdoor sports and health watches.

The Honor Watch GS Pro has passed 14 military regulations, which is a distinctive mark that distinguishes it from ordinary smartwatches. The watch can calmly deal with various harsh environments, including low air pressure, high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, and Solar radiation, rain, damp heat, salt spray, sand dust, immersion, vibration, shock, temperature-humidity-height test, fluid pollution. Up the mountain and down the sea, the long voyage keeps on electricity.

With the support of the self-developed Kirin A1 chip, the Honor Watch GS Pro has low-power computing features. With a large battery of 790mAh capacity, it can achieve up to 25 days of battery life, making the Yao Watch GS Pro almost the best battery life among similar products. Long representative.

In terms of function, the Honor Watch GS Pro completely shakes off the conventional smartwatch. More than 100 sports modes, online/offline return of the track, sunrise and sunset time, high tide/low tide information, moon phases, severe weather reminders, etc. are all extremely professional The subdivided brand-new functions reflect Honor’s original intention and the ultimate pursuit of investing in the field of outdoor sports.

At the same time, the functions of the Honor Watch GS Pro on conventional smartwatches such as message reminders, mobile payment, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, and pressure monitoring are not missing.

In general, this calculation is a masterpiece of Honor Watch. There is no doubt that it will become the most professional and caring player in the outdoor sports and health segments.


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