Honor Watch GS Pro Released: 25-Day battery Life, For Just $229.99


Honor held a smart life autumn new product launch conference, which will bring a game notebook and two watches. The original name of the game is Honor Hunter Game Book, which is the first Gaming notebook of Honor. The two watches are one round, namely Honor Watch GS Pro and Honor Watch ES. The press conference is currently in progress. The first to be released is the Honor Watch GS Pro, which is the first smart outdoor sports watch launched by Honor, priced at 1599 yuan.  

Zhao Ming said that the Watch GS Pro has an ultra-long battery life of 25 days, while the Apple Watch 6 released early this morning has only 0.75 days of battery life. The Watch GS Pro is 32 times ahead of it.

The Honor Watch GS Pro also supports long-distance outdoor GPS power saving mode, with a battery life of up to 100 hours. It is understood that the watch has a built-in 790mAh battery, with the help of an intelligent power saving algorithm 2.0+, the battery life is 70% higher than the Honor MagicWatch2.

In terms of design, the Watch GS Pro adopts a stainless steel appearance and an outdoor strap. It is available in three colours: polar white, tidal blue, and desert grey.

The Watch GS Pro uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch colour screen with a display resolution of 454*454, and PPI 326 makes the display effect clearer. In addition to having a wider colour gamut, AMOLED screens have achieved an ultra-thin design compared to LCD screens.

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The Honor Watch GS Pro supports more than 100 sports modes. These sports modes can be divided into 7 categories: fitness sports, leisure sports, ball sports, water sports, ice and snow sports, extreme sports and professional sports modes. Among them, there are 18 professional sports modes. Kind.


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