Honor X10 Max Appeared: Equipped With a 7-inch Large Screen and More Surprises


Recently, the Honor X10 Max was Appeared, which may be the only “big screen” phone this year. Now, we have made some new discoveries about this phone.

On June 19, Xiong Junmin, vice president of the Honor product line, launched a poll on Weibo, asking the majority of netizens how large their mobile phones would be before they would be called “big screen phones”? Among the set options, there are more than 6.5 inches and 7.0 inches The above three options of 7.5 inches and above, in the final vote of more than 3,500 netizens, 7.0 inches and above became the most mainstream choice, with a total of 1433 people.

On June 20, Xiong Junmin posted on Weibo that after looking at the voting situation yesterday, most people felt that the screen of a mobile phone reached 7 inches to be considered as a large screen. In fact, the definition of “large-screen mobile phone” is far more than a large screen.

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From the old bear’s words, we seem to find that he defaults to the size of 7 inches, which also coincides with the screen size of the previously exposed Honor X10 Max. It can basically be determined to be 7 inches. It’s just that in addition to the bright spot of the screen, X10 Max seems to give us more, you can look forward to it.


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