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Dodocool USB Car Air Humidifier

The Dodocool USB Car Air Humidifier is a mini portable ultrasonic air humidifier with a capacity of 180ml. The ultrasonic technology allows it to envelops your surroundings effectively by producing cool mist to add moisture and relieve stress; it’s suitable for your car, office, bedroom, study room, dining room, children’s room and more. Designed with one nano-class high-frequency micro-porous atomizer plate.

It uses ultrasonic technology to oscillate and decompose water into fine nano-class cool mist molecules, which can quickly penetrate the underlying skin and relieve dry skin. Dodocool USB Car Air Humidifier is very portable, bottle shaped and it will work with two adjustable mist modes, in the continuous mist mode (when the indicator light is blue), it keeps spraying mist and supports up to 3 hours of use,

meanwhile in the intermittent mist mode (when the indicator light is red), it sprays mist and stops with an interval of 10 seconds and supports up to 7 hours of use. The Dodocool USB Car Air Humidifier is quiet, it feature water leakage protection and it’s compatible with any USB power source, even at really low 5V voltage inputs.

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Dodocool Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Dodocool Mini Bluetooth Speaker is indeed a mini speaker in a pocket size that you can hide even in your hand. No problem, you can take it anywhere. Do not burden your luggage and your pocket, weighs only 45g. Additionally, it is very nicely made and casing in aluminum (in black color). On the back of the speaker of course, can also be found a micro USB port for charging. At the top of the device has been placed a membrane speaker. At the bottom of the speaker, we find the Power ON / OFF. It is also a multi-function button. Also, as you can see in the picture below, the speaker on the bottom has a rubber ring for stability speaker, and prevents it from moving. dodocool mini bluetooth speaker has several interesting features. What is interesting, using the same multi-function button you can do a selfie yourself. Enable the camera app on your smartphone, put the smartphone in any place and press the button on the speaker, that’s all. The truth that cool :-).

To connect the speaker with a smartphone just about 3-5 seconds. This device has one of the best Bluetooth ranges I’ve seen in a while. I was able to walk a strong 20-feet away from the speaker with minor discrepancies in the sound.


Dodocool USB Car Air Humidifier is a travel-friendly ultrasonic essential oil diffuser that fits well into your car cup holder. With ultrasonic technology. it runs quietly and effectively.  Dodocool USB Car Air Humidifier is now available on AMAZON Just at $12.59 using Coupon Code: SXER3FY5.

The Dodocool Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker packs a serious punch for such a small size! While you won’t get the deep sounds like you would from a larger bluetooth speaker, this mini speaker sounds good for its size and sounds better than the speakerphone on your phone. Dodocool Mini Bluetooth Speaker is now available on AMAZON Just at $9.09 just at JKGOH7ZG.

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